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Dec 5, 2010 07:09 AM

Kosher Bacon is Curing Away

Thanks to inspiration from JewishBacon (nice job Tzachi), a bit of KosherBlog (all you Jabbett and the new guy) and some Michael Ruhlman, my kosher lamb bacon is under way.

After searching high and low I finally found a source for whole lamb breasts, with the benefit of wholesale pricing nonetheless. If this works I may need a constant source for these things so the low price definitely helps.

I built my cure with kosher salt, pink salt, brown sugar and maple syrup. They are now curing away in the fridge and have a date with some applewood smoke next sunday. I will post some pictures of the final product, but until then enjoy this requisite food porn.

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  1. The "New Guy"? I'll let it go this time, but I've been posting my meat projects on KosherBlog for years. Remember the Turducken? That was me. :)

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      Sorry man, you're new to me. :)

    2. we would love to try this! where did you get the lamb?

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        According to this post ( ), shaytmg got it from Their meat is under the hechsher of Israel Meir Steinberg, which is not universally accepted.

        Shaytmg - how are you planning to smoke it? Do you have a smoker?

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          it looks like some of their items are under good hasgachas like KOSHER CERTIFIED ORGANIC CHICKEN is wise's and so is the franks. they do say "Our suppliers of glatt kosher meats are: Agri Star Meat and Poultry, Inter, Hassideshe Glatt or Western Glatt, etc. Our suppliers of kosher poultry are: Agri Star Meat and Poultry, International, Empire, Wise, Grunbaum, etc. Customers have a choice of packaged meats from these suppliers."

          1. re: GilaB

            Hi Gila,

            Yes, I have a Char-Griller with a side-smoke box. I got it two years ago as a house-warming present but haven't had a chance to use it as a smoker yet.

            I ended up smoking it today since the weather is looking like rain for sunday. I will post pictures in a bit.

            1. re: shaytmg

              If I can toss in my two sheckles....It looks like you have you beef, and your cure down pat...
              The wood you choose is your last and most important flavor imparting choice. I am very proud to be part of one of the few kosher commercial institutions in the country with commercial smokers. I love using fruit woods, apple, cherry, peach and mulberry (yes, I happen to have a few large mulberry trees outside my banquet halls. Young wood, not fully dried will still have much more sap = fruity sweet flavor. I do like to use Hickory or Mesquite as finishing woods for the last hour.

              For any of you to lazy to do all of this yourselves....try pan frying Mealmart's Romanian Turkey Pastrami, or ask your local butcher for Naval Pastrami. Both are super fatty and fry up just lovely. Below is an old pic of "Big Bertha" my mobile side-car smoker....

        2. so nu? how did it turn out? have you tried doing it again?