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Dec 5, 2010 04:21 AM

Salem/Windham/Derry, NH Lunch Recs

Hi Hounds, Am meeting a friend halfway for lunch, which brings us to the Salem/Windham/Derry, NH area, & we need your help. Any feedback on Buono Panini or the place that went into the old Phoenician in Salem? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Buono Panini is okay. It was originally an I-Hop over 30 years ago. They've upgraded the decor & the food was okay. (We all had pasta - it was in line with Bertucci's/not outstanding, not horrible) Service was decent. All the sandwiches on the menu sound good and I think that's more of what they do at lunch. I'm not rushing to go back there but I'm Italian & very picky about my pasta! The Colosseum in Salem, NH is open for lunch. (We had two good diner visits there in the last three months. It's not fine dining, but we'd give it above average. Some of the pasta is homemade.) T-Bones in Derry is okay/basic. I know they have lunch everyday...maybe Not Your Average Joe's at the Loop in Methuen (right off 495 - only about 10 minutes further south than B.Panini?) It's a solid chain restaurant (one of the better ones in my opinion, if you have to go to a franchise.) - I like it better than all the others I've mentioned for lunches.