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Dec 4, 2010 10:04 PM

Sweet Fingers review: Jamaican in San Leandro

After soliciting chowhound knowledge on the best Jamaican/Cuban spots in the Bay, I tried Sweet Things tonight. I only tried two dishes, as I went with one other person and they didn't have patties, which was kinda sad.

I ordered the goat curry, my companion got the jerk chicken. Both plates came with a side of red beans and rice and plantains.

The goat curry was...everything I hoped it would be. Tender, slow cooked goat, seasoned very well. I adore goat curry and this was definitely as good as anything I've had in Florida. The goat curry I had in Jamaica was superior because it was fresh butchered goat, so I'm not comparing it to that. Very satisfying dish, though I did wish it was a bit spicier.

The jerk chicken was also very good. Tender, juicy, falling off the bone. Complex and rich flavors in the sauce. Very enjoyable. Also could have been spicier, but I'm a total chilli freak so I bet it would be better at the spice level it was for most.

The plantains were very good. But its not hard to mess up plantains. The side of red beans and rice was solid. Not thrilling, but a solid back up for the very good dishes.

Overall, I was very satisfied and am planning to trek out there again to try the oxtail and lamb stew. I would recommend this place to anyone hoping for an authentic Jamaican experience.

Has anyone else tried anything here?

Sweet Fingers
464 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94577

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  1. Sweetfingers in San Leandro?

    1. Wokwok, perhaps you can get the moderators to change your title to Sweet Fingers.

      Sweet Fingers
      464 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94577

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        Oh man! I'm a new poster on here, I definitely mean Sweet Fingers in San Leandro...oops! Looking into fixing that

        Sweet Fingers
        464 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94577

        1. re: wokwok

          It was a good report none-the-less.

      2. A Jamaican friend highly recommends anything in Brown sauce at Sweetfingers. I haven't been, so I can only pass that info along.

        1. I like some of the dishes at Coconuts in Palo Alto. If you happen to go shopping at Stanford stop by and give it a try. They have the goat curry and strong ginger beer.

          1. Sweet Fingers in San Leandro is one of the great hidden gems of the East Bay. The Oxtail stew is also wonderful. I have not had the lamb stew. If you talk with the chef he can assist you with the heat a lot. My experience is via Kingston and the man can do it. Be careful, it is tough to handle. Sweet Fingers is great Jamaican food. They also have a live evening scene on the weekends.