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Dec 4, 2010 08:19 PM

Alvin and Friends-(NewRo)-A short review

Haven't seen a review here yet for this island/country fusion place which opened in October in downtown New Rochelle. Briefly: pretty good, can be VERY good with some work. Our entrees were all really tasty and ample, as good as I've had anywhere in Manhattan with comparable dishes at well known spots. Fried chicken, Jerk duck, Salmon were all very nice and so were the included sides. I'm looking to try others soon. Our opener, a salmon dumpling appetizer, was tasty but small for the price. Service was a bit uneven, but certainly tolerable. Place had a nice, friendly vibe. A shortcoming which will sound like a quibble was a lame breadbasket- a place like this is selling comfort and a hearty "welcome", and should provide it. Throw in a corn bread, or sell it as an additional opener or side, will ya? It goes with this food (the table next to us totally agreed). Could use a slightly longer wine list. Anyway, will definitely repeat, and hope they step up the game just a notch-this place is on the cusp of being special for the area.

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  1. I really tried to like this place because god knows we need more good restaurants in westchester.Unfortunately there are just too many things in the way of liking it.The prices are way too high in relation to portion size.The Salmon dumpling you mentioned are 3 tiny dumplings for 10 dollars.The main dishes are definately hit or miss and again over priced for what you get.So for your reward for paying her prices you get spotty service???.Obviously you were trying to like this place but just walked away feeling the place was not so good

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      Wouldn't say "not so good"-definitely more good than bad. Needs some fine tuning. And don't know about your mains, but ours were uniformly good. But yes, NOT cheap. Fix the minor rough spots and then the meal can be totally worth the price, IMHO.

    2. My husband and I tried Alvin's a few weeks ago. We really enjoyed this place. Alvin's is a homey, warm environment with a welcoming and professional staff. The cuisine is a mix of Caribbean/Southern/Creole. We sample several things on the menu from the crab cakes, salmon to pork entree. Everything was delicious. The price point is in line we the other restaurants of this caliber in surrounding communities like Larchmont and Pelham.

      Alvin is definitely worth a visit. My husband and I plan on returning because there are more things we are eager to try on their tasty and eclectic menu.

      1. my main complaint with most new restaurant (especially in westchester it seems) is they charge what a very good restaurant in a major market would charge (read nyc pricing or very close) before really establishing themselves . i understand the need to make a profit, but before paying these prices i want to be relatively assured that the food warrants it. a $10 app may be warranted but that is alot to "risk" to find out, if a place does well then gradually raise prices. a "prime" example is the new in westchester, steakhouse Benjamin's while not neccessarily putting a steakhouse on a must go to list , i have reason to want to try this one, but steak for 2@ $84 plus everything seperate, i do not want to go unless i know it will be first rate (and even then only for a special occassion)

        1. Went there on a Friday night (1/31/2014) - nice vibe, responsive professional service, generally solid food. They now offer the cornbread muffins as a breadbasket (maybe they read Chowhound). No complaints, we'll be back at some point...