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Dec 4, 2010 07:52 PM

Korean style fried chicken

I was eating at Chez Hwang (korean restaurant on Upper Lachine) the other day, and I noticed the table next to mine ordered what it seemed to be a fried chicken dish. Has anyone ever tried it?? Is it a special korean dish?? The plate was HUGE.

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  1. do you know what kind of fried chicken it was? Like did it look more like a chicken tonkatsu, KFC or one of them asian style fried chicken with thin transparent skin?

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    1. re: Ghostquatre

      It actually looked like KFC with a thick batter, thus catching my curiosity.

    2. New York Times covered Korean fried chicken some time ago here:

      Also, there are some restaurants in Toronto that specialize in this dish which, from my understanding, is often very spicy. Found a Toronto Chowhound thread:

      1. It's called "Yang Nyum chicken" on the menu. I tried it for the first time last week and it was really good. The chicken is crispy and the sauce it was in was sweet and spicy .

        To my knowledge, they are the only korean restaurant serving this kind of korean fried chicken.

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        1. re: razersharp

          Rasersharp, are you referring to the menu at Chez Hwang?

          1. re: karela

            Yeah, it's on the menu at Chez Hwang as "yang yum chicken".

            I also know the korean bar on rené-lévesque corner mackay serves it. Really good also!

        2. More on Korean-style fried chicken:

          This article talks about Toronto restaurants but I wouldn't be surprised if this dish starts sneaking into more Montréal Korean restos.

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          1. re: looosia

            Maybe some Montreal Korean restos have it, but it's not listed on their menu(that wouldn't surprise me). Or maybe it's only listed on their Korean language menu.