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Dec 4, 2010 06:54 PM

Jeffrey's in Westfield

I am headed to Jeffreys in Westfield this weekend for dinner with some girlfriends, and can't find much information about it. Does anyone have any thoughts about this restaurant?

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  1. I'd love to hear what you all thought of Jeffrey's. My wife and I go there periodically.

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      I meet a friend in Westfield from time to time. Where is Jeffrey's?

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        I am not really familiar with Westfield (although I can find Trader Joes!)----- the address on the website is 114 Central Ave.

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          Jeffrey's is diagonally across the street from Williams-Sonoma. There's some street parking, but if you dive past WS slow down and make a right into the municipal parking lot right past Starbucks. Jeffrey's is one of the 3 or 4 restaurants in town that actually have liquor licenses.

      2. This thread (for some reason) mentions Jeffrey's quite a bit:

        1. So, it was a nice night out with the girls--nothing great but nothing terrible. Two of us had a gnocchi special with braised pork and chestnuts. It was tasty but needed something--maybe an additional spice or some more texture (the pork, gnocchi and chestnuts were all kind of mushy). Other dishes were fish and chips and hanger steak. The steak was a little chewy but the sauce was pretty good. It came with candied pecans on top (which the kitchen forgot but were added when we asked). I am not sure I "got" the candied pecans on steak--it was strange to me. The fish n chips were okay too....but the kitchen forgot the side of vinegar and it was never brought to the table even though we asked for it. The service was friendly and they wanted to please, but I thnk they missed on a few points (refilling water and coffee and bringing forgotten items). A cheese plate for a starter was a highlight, especially since all the cheeses were labeled and they brought a "cheat sheet" that described them. Nice touch. The desserts were pretty good too, especially with the addition of their homemade ice cream. I noticed that quite a few diners at other tables ordered the Kobe beef I am wondering if that is one of their top dishes. My favorite place to go in Westfield is still Trader Joes.

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            Thanks DC, it just confirms our opinion that while it's an o.k. place to eat (as are all of the restaurants in Westfield), it's just o.k., nothing special. There are no "destination" restaurants in town