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Dec 4, 2010 06:47 PM

Emperor Chinese Cuisine - Very enjoyable family dinner ( with photos )

Taking advantage of their Monday night Peking Duck special, our family of four decided to skip cooking at home and eat at the Emperor ( Blackmoor/Bayview ) instead.

Food was delicious( as usual ), service was extremely friendly and the bill was very reasonable!

We had:

- Peking duck two ways. The typical carved crispy skin first course and stirred fry minced duck meat and diced vegetables with lettuce wrap second course. Duck was fairly lean and the lacquered skin was perfectly crisp.

- Roasted pigeon Sha-Tin' style. Nicely spiced and seasoned, crispy skin and super moist meat. Excellent!

- Stirred fry filet mignon cubes with Teriyaki glaze, crispy walnuts and honey snap peas. Great 'wok-hay' with the right amount of caramalization and smokey char. The medium rare meat was moist, tender and perfectly cooked.

- Honey glazed crispy jumbo size west coast oysters. The gem of the evening! Crunchy/crispy exterior with super moist interior. Very addictive!

- Stirred fry Chinese Broccoli (Gai-Lan) with ginger juice and Chinese wine

- Complimentary dessert of sweet black glutinous rice and coconut milk porridge, mango mochi and almond cookie.

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  1. I haven't been to Emperor in a while. Seeing your pics makes me want to go...tomorrow! Peking Duck Mondays are the best :-)

    1. once for dim sum (with a relatively large group in which only Mrs. Shekamoo and I were not from HK if that matters),one of our servers seemed slightly drunk, and made some astoundingly rude and inappropriate comments. I will never go back. and this is not related to your thread, but the dim sum was nothing special.

      1. That menu looks great to me Charles, can I ask what that set you back. Think I'll c/p it and just give it to the waiter...hopefully I get the chinese pricing and service.

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        1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

          $107 all inclusive of tax and tips. However, we did have a speial coupon for the 'complimentary' roasted pigeon.( about $20 ). By going Monday, the Peking duck 2 ways special was only $19.99. ( add $5 for the lettuce wrap option. )

        2. Thanks Charles! I was introduced to Emperor by one of your older posts about their Sunday lobster special (those garlic chips are addictive). Monday night Peking duck sounds good to me! You've also sold me on that oyster dish.

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          1. re: DealsCartel_Nathan

            You will not go wrong with that oyster dish!! Enjoy!!

          2. Just came back from dinner at Emperor. Once again, Charles Yu has not led me astray with his reviews and recommendations, even though his original review is over 8 months old.

            As a bi-racial couple - I'm Chinese, and my wife is Jamaican, we have had to endure some racism and prejudice from individuals and businesses that openly disapprove of our relationship. Fortunately, not at Emperor Chinese Cuisine. We have been have twice, so far, for dim sum, and the staff, both floor and managerial, have been very graceful and openly friendly, acknowledging both of us with smiles and excellent service. Based upon this reception, we decided to try going for dinner tonight.

            When we arrived, the doors were locked, even though it was only 7:30pm. However, there was a sign that said "ring the bell," which we did, and someone came to let us in. The general manager seated us promptly and tea was immediately offered. Incidentally, I find their tea leaves to be of excellent quality - we had Iron Goddess tea, and with cheaper quality tea leaves, I notice that the tea may leave a sour aftertaste, but not this tea though.

            We settled on a simple meal, as my wife is pregnant, but craving Chinese food. We ordered baby bok choy sauteed with garlic, a whole steamed Striped Bass, and seafood tofu soup to start.

            The seafood soup arrived in individual portions, as per our order, and was excellent - the broth was light, flavourful, and did not overwhelm the other aspects of the soup, mainly the seafood, which included shrimp, crab, and scallops. My wife noticed the freshness of the slivered Chinese broccoli stems, which added texture and hints of sweetness to the soup.

            The baby bok choy arrived next. The garlic sauce on the bok choy was light, fragrant, yet not overpowering and not oily - some places heap on the garlic or use fried garlic, and ruins the delicate flavours of the bok choy. Or there is so much oil/sauce, that the choy is swimming and tasting of grease. This dish was executed with perfection and tasted delightful, without being cloying and overpowering.

            Our steamed whole Striped Bass arrived next. The server removed the bone and served us initially, very friendly and done very carefully without any mishaps. The fish was steamed to perfection - the flesh was sweet, flaky, and there was not any chewiness indicative of overcooked fish. Unfortunately, the staff did not bring out the fish itself to the table to display its freshness, but perhaps this is something not practiced, as it may put off some diners. The simple soy-based sauce was light, flavourful, and did not overpower the sweetness of the fish.

            My wife, upon eating the fish and choy, decided that we perhaps needed some chicken as well, lest I don't have enough to eat. So, I ordered a half chicken, fried. The chicken came served with fried garlic chips on top, something I've never encountered before, but this lent a slight aroma to the chicken, which was very complimentary. The chicken itself was a yellow-skinned chicken, and served mostly deboned. The chicken was fried excellently - the white meat was juicy and the skin was crisp. The chicken was not oily, nor was it fatty and exude an oily film when consumed. The chicken was very well received by my wife, who claimed that after consuming the chicken, it was possible to have some more fish and taste the original flavours of the fish because the chicken was seasoned lightly and not oily, an excellent tasting chicken.

            The meal ended with red bean soup and some pastries. My wife did not partake. The red bean soup was standard and always a nice way to finish. There were two pastries - a sesame dough ball with lotus paste filling and coconut jelly roll with custard centre. Nice way to end, nothing special, but it was something that did not distract or diminish the meal's memory.

            We spent around $100, including tip - not the cheapest price for such a "simple" meal, but the quality of the food was excellent, and the service spoke volumes of how they considered all of their clientele. We were very impressed and know we will be back for more.

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            1. re: dachopstix

              Emperor has been consistently good. My wife and I got married in that location (it changed name right after we got married .. but the food remained very good). They have changed their dinner 'specials' and Peking Duck is now on Wed ... or Thur?? It says one thing on the menu but we were told something different by the wait staff. You can, however, get a small serving of suckling pig for only $1 on Mondays. Value indeed and really quite tasty.

              1. re: theel

                We were there this past Saturday. Though food was still good by GTA standard, I felt overall quality has slipped a bit.
                We had the 1/2 price sharksfin special. The broth was good but the amount of sharksfin was miniscure!
                The honey glazed fried oyster, although still delicious was somehow 'void' of something?! May be the lack of sauce?!
                The braised oxtail in special house chili sauce was 'fairly' delicious. The oxtail morsels off the bone tender. However, the taste improved quite a lot the next day after we reheated the doggy bag portion at home.
                The fried/sauteed king prawns with Thousand island was a bit too tangy for my taste though my kids loved them. IMO, the version at ' Legend' Yonge/ Glencameron is still the best.

              2. re: dachopstix

                Uh.. why was the door locked? and was it unlocked after you guys went in?

                1. re: setofdueces

                  There were a string of robberies targeting Chinese restaurants a year and a half ago. Especially targeting Chinese businesses as cash sales are emphasized.

                  1. re: aser

                    4 arrests were made in late 2009 regarding these robberies. No recent reports to my knowledge. I had heard about the Emperor doing the door bell thing, but is this "security" step still common in other Richmond Hill establishments during dinner hours? I've only been to RH recently to eat during the lunch hours and have not encountered other locked doors.