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Dec 4, 2010 06:10 PM

In Season

We went to Don Saunders’s new restaurant, In Season, yesterday. It was the perfect escape for a cold and snowy evening. We couldn’t decide between the fried squid or fried oysters to start so we had both. The squid was served with an aioli and a salad with anchovy and olives. Although the squid was delicious and extremely tender (according to our server it is soaked in buttermilk), the crispy oysters stole the show. The dish consists of three gigantic cornmeal crusted (I believe) oysters paired with pork belly squares, served on top of sweet and sour cabbage and mustard. The oysters were beautifully fried, sweet and tender and paired beautifully with the unctuous pork belly and the crunchy cabbage.
For my entrée, I had the Wild Striped Sea Bass with Leeks, Potatoes and Brown Butter Mousseline. This was a hearty dish on such a cold night. The fish was cooked beautifully with perfectly crispy skin served atop crunchy potato cubes and buttery leeks. My husband ordered the braised short ribs with root vegetables. Both of us cleaned our plates.

This is the late fall menu ( It appears that the winter menu will be coming in about a week. Our server mentioned limousin beef (very lean, but extremely tender beef) and oxtail were things we could look forward to on the new menu. Although it was not packed, I'm sure due to the weather and the early reservation we had, Chef Don and his sous chef were the only two in the kitchen. It was impressive to see the two of them crank things out. We’re planning on going back once more before the menu changes, and then again after the change.

In Season
5416 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

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  1. Thanks for the write up, we're really looking forward to eating there! Sounds delicious.

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      Thanks for the good review, I wish he did some interesting vegetarian stuff, he sounds like a great chef.

      1. re: faith

        he is a great chef. i really hope his new restaurant takes off. iirc he was very open to doing veg tasting menus when he was at fugaise, you might want to call and see if he'd play around off-menu for you. bet you'd get a great meal, if so.

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          thanks, why are we up so late? I'll post if I do end up getting some good veg food at Fugaise.

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          I guarantee Don will be willing to come up with some fun vegetarian items for you.

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            The following bullet point is copied verbatim from the information to include in an email for reservations.

            * Special requests (yes, we do accommodate vegetarians and special dietary needs!)


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            1. We just had another great meal at In Season last night. I was happy to see the place was bustling. They are changing to an early spring menu on Thursday. We decided to have one last taste of the crispy oysters with pork belly before they are no longer on the menu. They were delicious as ever. I had the ocean trout . A rich, flaky fish with crispy skin and carmelized fennel, kalamata olives and blood orange served with a potato cake. My husband had the cod fish and chips. His had a very light and "poofy" batter . The chips were thinly sliced, fried fingerling potato coins that were seasoned with truffles. This came with a English pea puree and fresh peas. He enjoyed the dish. Our server gave us a sneak peek at the early spring menu and it included things like pork shoulder and manila clams, frog's legs, white asparagus, hamachi. Can't wait.

              In Season
              5416 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419