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Where Women Cook, new magazine

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1st issue features Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman on the cover and Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl; Serena Thompson, The Farm Chicks; Mamma Agata's Cooking School on Italy's Amalfi Coast; CAKE, Celeste Shaw's newest restaurant & bakery

It's an expensive food magazine. Anyone have a copy of the first issue? Review?

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  1. i saw that magazine and am actually wondering, are any women offended by what seems like it could be taken as a pretty sexist title?

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    1. re: mattstolz

      yyyyyyyyyyyyyup. "we are thrilled to take you into the heart of the home--the kitchen-- in "where women cook"

      i just deleted what i wrote 5 different ways, 5 times, there's no way the mods would let it slide. but yeah, it's an extremely offensive concept, seemingly aimed at the real housewives set. good to take note of the ladies who participated in the first issue, though--methinks they've styled themselves into a floral-printed corner, and nobody will make the mistake of calling them professional *anything* ever again. way to put us back 70 years, gals. gag me, & thanks but no thanks.

      1. Interesting comments, CH. How offended could the women actually IN the magazine be?

        This is the same publisher of Where Women Craft. Plenty of mag titles geared towards women/men out there already. I'm not going to spend $15.00 to buy one issue but the next time I stop by B&N, I'll check it out.

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        1. re: HillJ

          I just wouldn't spend $15 on a magazine. No matter how pretty it is, I wouldn't keep but two or three months at a time. Just too expensive. And yes, i thought the title of the magazine was questionable in nature...

          1. re: jeanmarieok

            Based on the sneek peek I saw, the magazine both craft & cooking captures women in their "work" spaces.

            Emphasis on WHERE woman cook literally captures their cooking spaces and details thru interview their cooking style and views on food. I wasn't the least bit offended or concerned about how women are perceived after seeing the magazine. It's tasteful...but yes, $15.00/issue expensive. I have no reason to subscribe but I was curious.

            1. re: HillJ

              I think someone (wonder who that could be?) took my post off the pioneer woman's website, when I said something (nicely) about it looking like a nice magazine, but at $15 an issue, it would be a real splurge for me. It was within the first 50 posts, I thought, and now it looks like it's gone...

              1. re: jeanmarieok

                Really. While the owner of a site can decide what does/doesn't remain on it, it is disappointing to hear that if you are correct.

                on the other hand, I just ran thru the comments and found this in about 3 seconds:

                Dear Ree, as much as I love you and your recommendations – and I am sincere about that – I can’t add a $15 magazine to my things I need! That’s why there are so few ads, folks, because the magazine is $15…..

                And not to mention it’s mainly just pictures. Pretty pictures! But not much written content in it. (I gandered through it at Barnes and Noble today.)

                My thoughts exactly. I flipped thru it at Borders today and definitely not worth $60 for 4 issues – yikes!!

                Good looking magazine, but very spendy!

                so, apparently PW can take it!

          1. I don't understand why they'd want to totally omit half the population (men) from their potential audience? Especially now, when print mags are disappearing left and right! I just don't get it.... and certainly have no interest based on the title of their publication alone. blech!

            1. Gosh, I find this so interesting...this magazine is celebrating women. Aren't there mags that celebrate women over 50, young woman, woman who (fill in the blank) just as there are mags celebrating the accomplishments of men? I don't see the gender "beef" mentioned, CH's.

              However, a non-professional mag with no very few ads at $15.00/[per issue or $60.00 annually is going to be a hard sell.

              Do you have an issue with BLOGHER? They are certainly elevated the role of women in various pro and non pro pursuits.

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              1. re: HillJ

                i think it's the general tone and presentation (the color scheme, that particular cover photo, etc) that gives me pause - IMO it gives off a very hokey, frilly, 1950's vibe. had they chosen a modern, more cutting-edge approach, i probably wouldn't have such an issue with it...though the title still doesn't sit quite right with me.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  ghg, did you see these pages? they don't appear 50's vibe to me. they are the homes/kitchens of the cooks interviewed.
                  THEIR kitchen spaces being the WHERE.
                  Okay, I'm going to stop restating my point and thank you all for your generous comments.

                  1. re: HillJ

                    i was just responding to the cover shot. the bright lilac border and baby blue script (even the fonts are girly!), the cheesy, very posed photo of Ree putting on a little show for a guy in a cowboy hat seated in front of her...it's just a little much for me :)

                    but i'll refrain from passing judgment until/if i see some of the actual content. deal?

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      Absolutely! I'd give the magazine a few issues to be fair...I'm not sold yet..

                2. re: HillJ

                  Good point. I suppose I shouldn't have commented, not having seen the magazine in person. But what I immediately thought of was all of the men I know who love cooking how silly to ignore them with a cooking magazine. It didn't occur to me that it was more a women's magazine in general with a cooking slant...rather, I was thinking "cooking magazine geared toward women only". If it's a women's magazine primarily, then I suppose that's a different thing than I understood it to be.

                3. When I looked at the website photos, my first thought was Sandra Lee! (and that's not meant as a compliment). I would be much happier to see a magazine called Where People Cook since there is nothing inherently female about kitchen use. Also, cute kitchens are already well covered in cute shelter magazines, why start this pricey new one? FWIW, I am very likely not a part of stampington's target audience. Will I leaf through one if it happens to fall into my hands? Sure. But I do not see a future subscriber when I look in the mirror.

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                  1. re: Sherri

                    Okay, now I'm understanding this better. Thanks for your comments, Sherri. Much clearer.

                    1. re: HillJ

                      yeah, it was the opening statement of "the heart of the home, where women cook!" that got me, as if the women are never let out of the home kitchen, and nobody other than women get to enter that "wifely zone of control," either! i just thought that we'd moved away from that attitude that the home kitchen is the main place women inhabit/matter, in the post 1950's world.

                      then the gag-me frilly and floral photo spreads, the ridiculous assortment of pastel ceramic knives. . . taking the focus off of the featured women's professional lives in order to show them making cookies in overstyled home kitchens stuffed with chandeliers and huge floral bouquets. . . yikes. makes martha stewart look loose & low-maintainance. i had the initial "real housewives" gut response, and felt the need to share (i know i should sometimes bite my tongue!) because other domestic goddess mags like martha and bh&g aren't so in-your-face with the over the top saccherine uber-feminine styling. to me, the full-blown tea rose-fantasy aesthetic of the "where women cook" magazine, coupled with the price point, makes it come off as, um, very "niche"-- & i should probably leave it there.

                      1. re: soupkitten

                        such an interesting turn of phrases, soupk. Having no connection to this magazine or the women in it, I have to say that I had none of the reactions posted here and for me it would require an investment of time & $ to get that deep into the pysche of a new mag. As a woman, I was not offended. As a busy home cook and small biz owner, I had no issue. As a frugal women, always looking for good value, I had a hard time swallowing the cover price. Escapism exists everywhere. Shining mags with gorgeous photography, also everywhere. Some will pay for the sparkle; some for the escape. Time will tell if this new magazine will appeal. All of the "already famous" women above comments and yours have referred to have made a million dollar success of themselves in media. Newcomers are only encouraged to try their hand at being the next WOMAN of the moment.

                        1. re: soupkitten

                          I think I'm pretty much on the same page as Soupkitten, and some others here. To me, this looks more like a kitchen decor magazine than a cooking magazine. I am into cooking, but I am most definitely not into kitchen decor. For me, it is purely form over function. I think in this mag, whatever recipes there are will be an aside to the cutesy kitchen trimmings they are featuring in the pictures. Now for some women, that will be appealing, but to me, not so much. Or rather, not at all. This is really about who I am vs who the magazine is targeting. I'd rather hear about WHAT women cook, than WHERE women cook. To me this magazine is only celebrating women as decorators and consumers, but not so much as real cooks.

                          The choice of the Pioneer Woman for their first cover says a lot about where this magazine is headed, and who the target audience is. More of a lifestyle mag than a serious cooking mag, I'd say.

                          1. re: MelMM

                            Again, I am thrown by this perspection. Each of these women considers themselves a home cook, infamous/famous, but like many of us, cooks. The lifestyle portion is equal to the cooking. Perhaps the photography emphasizes the style but how boring would it be w/out some styling. But again, WHERE these woman are cooking IS part of their story and the focus of the magazine. In Where Woman Create, the magazine focuses on the creative spaces of woman as well as what they create and it has inspired me countless times in my own studio.

                            It's impossible not to notice that PW has had quite a run of late but her story is very much like those now very famous gals before her, and whether you enjoy her cookbooks, modern ranch lifestyle or musings, she has also encouraged and publicized fellow home cooks through her website, Lodge events, book tours and personal appearances. I may not "get" her entire bag of tricks but I admire her drive and willingness to go for it-she was ready to take her personal stock and trade to another level. Sometimes that's all that's standing in the way of any woman getting ahead-the words YES I can. What PW has going for her is a joy utterly contagious to her loyal fans.

                            As for this magazine, well it's just debut and unless we have crystal balls, how can we know the direction the next issue will take or what interesting recipes/woman will be highlighted next.

                      2. re: Sherri

                        Plus one on the "where people cook" idea. If that's a no-go, how about ... "where humans cook" ... lol...

                        1. Alright. Don't flame me here but..but...I'm guessing that this "Where Women Cook" is geared to the woman who either has the household help do the cooking or the homemaker who is privileged enough to not have to work for a living--I'm thinking Trust Fund. Lily Pulitzer Aprons. Jack Rogers Sandals. Vinyard Vine cropped pants.
                          I kind of find it offensive, but in an "eyeroll" sort of way and not an angry way.
                          I would rather spend the 15.00 on good ingredients to place in the cupboard ..Where Jarona Cooks!

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                          1. re: jarona

                            "I would rather spend the 15.00 on good ingredients to place in the cupboard ..Where Jarona Cooks!"
                            amen, sister!

                          2. I find it very sexist and exclusionary. As a guy I say where is my magazine, "Where porkaholics cook!"



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                              JB, if there is an audience..that magazine is sure to appear.