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Dec 4, 2010 05:35 PM

Alizze--what is the problem?

Hubby and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at this restaurant. We were the only diners on a Saturday night.

We were anticipating a crowded environment.
SAD.. This is a nice place to dined. Needs a few tweaks to make it really terrific --.\\My hubby's steakl/frites was exceptional. The steak was perfectly grilled and the fries were crispy and more then plentiful.

I had intended to order pork belly, but it was off of the menu. No problem. I ordered a crabcake dinner. The crabcake was didn't have much filler--(good), but not much taste-okay for me. I love dipping into a sauce with a crabcake. The jicama slaw was yummmy, but needed a bit more mayo or something creamy.

We enjoyed the great bread and butter service. The SERVICE was exceptional.

Why isn't this restaurant popular????

WE dined at
Dogwood's previously---the place was packed top the gills on an ea rly Saturday night. We were very disappoinnted. A very bland mixed green salad--tomatoes were brought to the table as an afterthought. The salad dressing was quite delectable.

My sweetbreads were delicious, but the acorn squash was undercooked.
too many misses versus hits. I feel bad THAT THIS venue isn't better. FoiGras

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  1. I think the problems are twofold. One, it's in a hotel lobby. Two, it's mediocre food, especially for the price point.

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      A hotel; lobby isn't a death knoll for a restaurant. When the Polo Grill was established in that particular site, it was a true winner. Reservations for a Saturday night were hard to come by.

      Yes, I agree that the food at Alizee is a bit mediocre, but can be revived with a bit of innovation. The atmosphere is lovely, the menu needs some tweaking. The food was 100 percent bettter then Dogwood. We will never return to a truly mediocre restaurant. In fact, one of our neighboring diners was actually robbed of her wallet the evening we dined at Dogwood. Bad experience.

      We are returning to our tried and true for the time being. FoiGras

      1. re: FoiGras

        Knell. Death-knell. It would be a death knoll if it was up on a hill, but it ain't.
        And Jon's right - think about that hotel space and the track record of places in it, and a menu that puts chowhounds to sleep. It's not in competition with Dogwood, it's in competition with every other g-d restaurant in Baltimore serving shrimp cocktail, crab cakes and rockfish. The time to tweak is before it opens its doors.

    2. We finally tried this restaurant. The experience was not that great... First, we wanted to order wine. Considering that they promote themselves as a wine bar, I was surprised when the waiter told us that they were out of many bottles. And he was right-- the first several we wanted, they did not have. It was a disappointing way to start off the evening.

      We ordered 3 apps. The shrimp cocktail was great-- 4 big, plump shrimp in a nice, tangy cocktail sauce. However. the crab cocktail was a huge disappointment. For $17 (compared to just $12 for the shrimp), we got a medium sized wine cup filled part-way with crab, cocktail sauce, and a lettuce garnish. It was very small for the price and not that tasty. Our last app was the spinach and asian pear salad. It was very good, although it seemed to include a regular pear, not asian as we were expecting (and hoping for!).

      Two of us ordered the crab cake. It was the same price as the crab app, which was bizarre. It was ok-- far from the best we've had, but not terrible. The highlight, though, were the fries that came on the side. They were served in a cute mini fryer and were incredible. Definitely the highlight of the night! My husband got the rock fish, which he described as mediocre, although it looked pretty on the plate.

      The other highlight of the dinner were the buttermilk beignets for dessert. They were light and moist, and covered in a delicious cinnamon and sugar mixture. I just wished they served more of their caramel sauce, which was drizzled on the side.

      Based on our night, I would not return, and actually, I cannot imagine how this place can remain open.

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      1. re: stephanieg

        Agree stehpanieg--enough said. Sadly, this place needs to upgrade. My husband and I did enjoy our meal when we dined there several months ago, but nothing was making us determined to "redine."

        I suppose we were hoping for a return of the Polo Grill-type food, atmosphere, service, et al. NOT.

        With that said, I must make a statement regarding the Milan Restaurant. Our first visit in December was delightful. Great service, atmosphere, moderately good food (nothing to make the restaurant exemplary, but good and a bit beyond).

        We made a return visit recently. YIPES!! Service was way off the mark. The food was very uninspired. Typical Caesar salad--nothing noteworthy there. Bread, that could break your teeth. (Good soft, flavored butter, though).

        Crabcake--I won't even bother to elaborate on it's lack of flavor.

        The shrimp, scallops, etc. polenta dish was only "okay." I would never order it again.

        So, "Buyer (Diner) Beware." Now I truly understand the reason why restaurant critics return multiple times to a given restaurant before offering their critique and opinion.

        With regards to Kali's Court. I've enjoyed many exceptional meals there, but it was about 10 years ago. I suspect that they are resting on their laurels. When my husband and I dined there about a year or so ago, we were very underwhelmed and haven't had the desire to return. FoiGras

        Kali's Court
        1606 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 22231

      2. We tried Dogwood as well and did not enjoy either the food or the service. At the encouragement of the server i tried a vegetarian entree (i'm not vegetarian but can appreciate good food with or without meat) and truly my dish was inedible.

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        1. re: bunerabbit

          I have eaten at Dogwood 3 times now and just find the food woefully under seasoned.