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Dec 4, 2010 04:41 PM

Bluefin sushi

Does anybody know of any places in the East Metro that has bluefin often? The only place I've ever seen it, and absolutely loved it, was Origami downtown. I live in Woodbury and sometimes just get a hankering for sushi and it's just not feasible to drive to Origami every time I need a sushi fix.

I just tried Kinichi tonight. It was decent, but nothing special. They have toro and bluefin on the menu, but of course didn't have any tonight. I have a feeling they never have it. I've been to Giapponese, now Shanghai Bistro, numerous times and they've never had bluefin either. Same with Sakura in St. Paul.

Do any places in the East Metro have it often?


10060 City Walk Dr, Saint Paul, MN 55129

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  1. My first thought would be Fuji-Ya in St. Paul, since the Fuji-Ya in Minneapolis frequently has blue fin on their menu.

    Fuji Ya Japanese Restaurant
    465 Wabasha St N, Saint Paul, MN 55102

    1. It's almost fished to extinction. I doubt you'll find it in the East Metro.

      1. I once had a 30-day aged bluefin at Fuji-Ya St. Paul. As recently as 2 weeks ago, they had it as part of the Super Winter Roll, which was on the Specials menu, I forget if it was available sashimi / nigiri.

        For what it's worth, it's not an other-worldly experience versus other fine cuts.

        It's super-over fished however, and I wouldn't be shocked if what Fuji-Ya bought wasn't true Blue Fin. The fish industry is pretty shady with lots of things being sold as others.

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          Coastal Seafoods has it often. I think they know their fish. Call them and see who is buying. It is over fished but does taste great.

          Coastal Seafoods
          74 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105