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Dec 4, 2010 04:32 PM

Ginza area within walking distance

I will be staying in the Ginza area and was wondering if there are any can't miss places a foreigner should go to(and can be self sufficient)? Love yakitori, ramen, street carts and sushi. Also will be going out with some Japenses friends as well, any underground places I should ask about?
Thank you In advance.

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  1. I've stayed a lot at the Dai-Ichi, technically in Shinbashi but just a block from Ginza. My go-to strip, nearby the hotel is basically the couple of blocks just alongside the JR tracks on the Ginza side. So, coming from Shinbashi you go under the tracks and turn left. Along this strip there is an oyster specialty place--think it's Maimon. There's a Korean place. There's a very cheap, locally famous, and often crowded branch of a sushi chain called Midori sushi. Next to there is a quite raucous (for Ginza) stand-up bar type place with yakitori, etc. Then an excellent Belgian beer bar. If you turn right and go one block right around where the Belgian beer bar is, there's a sit-down takoyaki/beer bar open late. Additionally if you're jetlagged and want to eat at, say 4am, there's an Italian place next to the Belgian beer bar (downstairs) that serves until 5, I think. In the early morning walk or catch a cab to Tsukiji, of course. Anyway, that's one itinerary, which I admit I often follow out of convenience rather than because any of these places are the absolute best of type. For more exotic fare, late at night, there's a bar that mostly serves pickled fish intestines and the like--I think the stuff is called shirokane--and is quite well-designed and open very late. it's on the small street behind the Ito-ya main store, and downstairs. For ramen there is a very good miso ramen specialty place just outside of Shinbashi JR station, on the Shinbashi side, near the old steam engine. I can try and dig up the name if you're interested. For street carts really the only food i see much is oden, and that's only in winter. There's usually an oden stand set up under one of the two bridges that go under the JR line bracketing the strip of restaurants I mentioned above. Haven't been there but it seems popular. Oh yeah one can't miss place in Ginza, I think, is this place called Sankame. They serve a kind of very simple yet very Japanese lunch set of grilled fish, rice, pickles, sashimi to start if you want it, that is just perfect and well-priced.

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      Just went to Nodaiwa for lunch today. Excellent unagi (including wild version). It's in the same basement environs as Birdland (yakitori). B1F Tsukamatoshozan Building, 4-2-15 Ginza. Across the street from the Sony Building.