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[London] Top restaurants with good selections of veg dishes?

I'm planning a trip to London and as I'm be bringing my girlfriend who is a vegetarian I would love to get some tips on some great places that have a healthy selection of vegetarian food as well. I have so far found the Greenhouse which looks like a perfect option for us! - Any others you could recommend? Thank you!

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  1. the ledbury has a vege tasting menu iirc?

    1. Both The Ledbury(**) and Texture Restaurant(*) spring to mind.

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        The Ledbury and Texture are two of my favorite restaurants in London and both have fabulous menus for vegetarians.

      2. If you want an Indian meal, I think all good restaurants will have lots of vegetarian choices, but of course check ahead.

        1. Indian Zing for excellent Maharastrian, Quilon for Keralan.

          1. Roussillon in Pimlico has always been renowned for its vegetarian options and even has an eight course veg tasting menu. Although the head chef changed a good few months ago, recent reviews in the press have remained excellent.

            1. Thank you all for this help! Do you consider The Greenhouse worth a visit as well?

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                The Greenhouse is co-owned by Nigel Platts-Martin who is also behind The Ledbury, The Square, Chez Bruce and La Trompette. I very much doubt you would be disappointed at any of them.

              2. a friend recommended morgan m to me when i was looking for a veggie tasting menu. it looks nice but i've not been yet (we ended up at texture - very good)


                i don't know the greenhouse so can't comment, sorry. they have some good deals and decent feedback here: http://www.london-eating.co.uk/460.htm

                1. I believe Pied a' Terre and Tom Aiken both have vegetarian tasting menus, though we were pretty disappointed with the carnivorous version at Tom Aiken.

                  I've likewise had the meat-eating version of Morgan M's tasting menu and found it excellent...

                  London as a whole is very vegetarian-friendly - it's extremely rare to find a top or even mid-level restaurant that doesn't have at least one worthwhile vegetarian option for each course.

                  1. YO MEMBLA

                    I haven't ever been but I bet you girlfriend would go mental for Saf (2 locations: 1 in Shoreditch, and the other in Whole Foods Kensington).

                    It's almost a raw restaurant, but apparently very inventive http://www.safrestaurant.co.uk/

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                      i have been... it's ok. obv places like the ledbury are way way way way better