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Dec 4, 2010 03:00 PM

meal suggestions for 7 women in a condo in aspen

I will be staying for a week with 6 friends at a lovely condo in Aspen. While we will dine out for several meals, we are all cooks and enjoy staying in and cooking a meal or two (or three). The condo is really beautiful but not loaded with a lot of specialized cooking utensils. It has all the basics but is pretty rudimentary. Would love some suggestions for main dishes for dinners on two or three of the nights. No real restrictions other than good tasting food. Any suggestions?

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  1. What is available in the local stores? Or are you driving and want to know what to bring from home? It depends on the time of year...

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      There are some pretty good groceries within driving distance so I am not too worried about getting the ingredients. We have done the lasagna roll ups, chicken pot pie, risotto, and other typical things. But, not sure whether we can get great quality fresh seafood. We are flying so usually try to bring the spices with us and pick up the rest there..... We will be there on January 29th for a week.

    2. Enchiladas from scratch could be fun... and you could all have fun together with an assembly line of sorts. Word to the wise, if you do make your own roja sauce, add the chili powder and cayenne slowly. It's pretty damn hard to make it taste less "holy crap i can feel that burning all the way down to my belly button."

      Do a variety of quiches or frittatas with a side salad one night.

      Shepherd's Pie

      Breakfast for dinner - pancakes/waffles, eggs, bacon, toast, cinnamon rolls, etc.

      a few soups - corn chowder, navy bean, chicken noodle, etc. with a nice loaf of no-knead artisan bread

      gourmet-er grilled cheeses or pressed paninis

      mediterranean night - schwarma, hummus, baba ghanoush, etc.

      eggplant and chicken parmesan

      stuffed night - stuffed eggplant, zucchini, potato skins, chicken breast, etc.

      ..hope something in there inspires...

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        I like the idea of quiches/frittatas with salad- but I would switch it around. Maybe one or two quiches and several different salads. SInce the cooking equipment is kind of basic, who knows how many skillets/pie plates there will be avail to use. Also, figure 8 wedges per quiche- if you make two that would be about 2 wedges per person.

        For the salads-- chopped greek salad, mesculun with fruit, spicy arugula with something rich and glazed, basic green salad, roasted root veg salad... lots of options. Each person could be responsible for whipping up a salad and the quiches could be a group effort.

      2. Whether you are rich or not, pretend you are for a week and find out what stuff is available there that y'all want to eat by contacting Aspen groceries and specialty shops. Share putative recipes e.g., fabulous salads (presumably good greens are available in Aspen), a good roast chicken with truffle slices under the skin etc. If you can agree on dishes you would like to make, have each person bring (a) missing utensil(s) that you need but is/are not in the condo. Even a food mill can be filled with bras and sweaters. HAVE FUN!

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          1. I agree that roast chicken is a great idea, add a pan of your favorite roasted vegetables. For another meal, penne w/ vodka sauce, a nice salad and plenty of wine. This recipe is a great one:


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              Allow plenty of extra time to boil dry pasta at that altitude or buy fresh pasta.