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Most Romantic Restaurant(s) in San Diego

I am meeting my boyfriend in San Diego after a 4 month absence. We only have 3 days and I want to make the absolute most of it! Recommendations for romantic lunch and dinner would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Romantic is so subjective but the Marine Room in La Jolla wins almost every year for 'best romantic' restaurant..dinner and happy hour.

    Do you have a place already booked in SD?
    There are some great 4-5* resorts on expedia on last minute deals.

    George's at the Cove on the ocean terrace in LJ.
    Manhattan's for dinner is dark and old school with great food and service.
    Mille Fleurs in Rancho Santa Fe, Inn at RSF and Jakes Del Mar.



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      2nd for Marine room even though the food was horrible when I went (overcooked and/or way too salty). Really all you're paying for here is being right on top of the ocean in terms of view.

      If you get into Addison while there is still daylight, it has an extremely majestic view (not of the ocean though), and the food is probably the best in San Diego. If that's out of your price range. Amaya offers a similar experience to Addison and is more in the price range of Marine Room (and has better food).

      Marine Room Restaurant
      2000 Spindrift Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037

    2. Romantic?

      Addison, hands down.

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          Sky Room is very nice, but I imagine room service at La Valencia might be even better ;-)

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            Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.......

        2. A cabanna at Kitchen 1540 in Del Mar at sunset could also be a contender

          1. The Bali hai at Shelter Island. Candelas in Coronado ,and most importantly, your kitchen. Just light some candles!

            1. I've always wanted my husband to take me to Mistral, because of Chef Ponsaty. Why is there never anything on CH about Mistral? (Husband hasn't yet. I keep hinting.)

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                Love Mistral picky and tell that chef honeybun that they have $99 deals at Loew's sometimes on Kayak.com....plus, they are dog friendly!
                They have a boat dock too..
                Wonderful summer menu and this Chef deserves more love on this board.

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                  OK, Chica. Now I'll do more than HINT. This Chica is going to Mistral!

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                      We went there last year and we were definitly underwhelmed. The food was decent but not stellar and the service was almost to the point of being amatuerish. 10 minutes after being seated we were finally greeted by the waiter, We were not asked if we would like a cocktail or possibly an appetizer before we ordered, we were just asked what we wanted. I ordered a bottle of wine and then it took a good 15 minutes to realize they were out of said wine. Then they didn't bring back the wine list, they just brought me a different bottle of wine and I was told I would "like" it. I had won a dinner for 2 at Mistial at a charity auction and if I didn't have that, we would of walked. The wine was decent and the food was decent but the staff made it an all around unpleasant time. I know the Marine Room gets beat up on this board, but at least they have decent staff. I had much better service at the 3rd Corner than at Mistrial. I was expecting a lot more from them than they were able to deliver. Heck, the staff at the Brig Coronado the next morning for brunch was much more professional.

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                        Did you say anything to mgmt on the service?
                        I've had great food and service and would never tolerate that...free comp or not.
                        The reason the Marine Room doesn't' get a lot of love on this board, imho, is the chef tries too hard with food that just doesn't jive well together.
                        Service is great but they have been there since the Carter years.

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                          See here's the thing, OP say they want 'romantic' not necessarily a view. littletevie and karaethon both state they had meh food, so, IMO, if you want a view go sit out on a bench, at the cove, and suck up the LJ view instead of compromising on a seat in a resto with a view that has nothing much left to offer. This is what bugs me about the scene in SD, we tend to excuse mediocrity as acceptable, even the imfamous BC states that 'the chef tries too hard with food that doesn't jive' but, still justifies the place to the OP, well heck no! It's time to take the H2O taxi to Coronado and go someplace better. That's my .02!

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                            Are you off your meds?

                            Mistral has been quite good every time I'm there..so if 2 people on this board have a meh experience, that is the final say?
                            I can only speak from my experiences..

                            In regards to the 'the chef tries too hard with food that doesn't jive'...that is in regards to the Marine Room, Chef Bernard.
                            Marine Room always seems to win on 'romantic' but imho, I find the food too over the top on spices, garnishes, dishes that are so over-played but the demographics scream something else.

                            To the OP, a romantic restaurant is a lovely thing since she hasn't been with her significant other in 4 months..
                            I didn't recommend Mistral but stated its great and a romantic resto.

                            You had to throw in that water taxi comment so your more lucid than I give you credit for!
                            ; )

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                              The OP has not participated on CH since December 2010, after writing this post. Either the original recommendations worked and she is blissfully together with her guy, or something horrible happened and that's why she does not want to deal with CH any more.

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                                See karaethon 12/5 post on Marine Room, that's what I was referring to. My current doses are marvy!

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                              BC you know I didn't, It was in the winter and they were running some sort of promotion so the restaurant was crowded. But the head chef was there that night, we saw him working the room. I know I should of written a letter cuz my wife was just fuming but she will never set foot in there again no matter what. I was just disappointed. The restaurant was pretty but there are others that are nicer. The view is good not great. Eddie V's view is spectacular if that is what you want, even the new Chandler's up in CB has a nice sunset view. To me, AR Valentine is a really one of the most romantic restaurants because the food has always been very good, the service polished, and the ambience great.

                              1. re: littlestevie

                                It's all good..for us, it's always been good and that is what I have to go on.
                                I hear you on AR Valentien and Eddie V's...throw in Mille Fleur and the Inn at RSF too.

                                1. re: Beach Chick

                                  BC remember that the Inn at RSF was bought by John Moores a few months ago and I heard he wants to do a large remodel. The place is getting a bit shopworn and it could use some updating but if they do a hatchet job like the Sultan did to my beloved Bel Air Hotel, it could be a disaster

                  1. I always thought Toronado or Hamilton's would be the most romantic, maybe that is why my girlfriend gets mad at me so often.

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