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Carrot grater that turns them into 'angel hair pasta' strands?

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We enjoyed a carrot salad at a Japanese restaurant that had carrots grated about as thin as angel hair pasta. No, I don't think they were hand-cut. We've poked around online & in a few Asian stores but can't seem to find a grater like that. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. look for an appliance called a spiral slicer in order to cut the long continuous noodle-like veg threads, or much more inexpensively, get a hand julienne tool such as this-- looks like a regular y-peeler, but it shreds in the thin strands you're looking for.


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      That was quick, & complete with link no less-- thank you!

      Chowhound is grate (are puns allowed here?).


      1. re: FishTales

        haha! btw for the hand tool, i would rec the brand shown in the link (kiwi brand), it's what most thai and lao cooks use at home and in restaurants, too. it holds up pretty good & better than some japanese models i've used-- be forewarned-- if you're making a big salad, you'll get a good arm workout!

        have a grate day! :-P

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          xo makes a good one. You can pick one up at the local BB&B and take it back if you don't like it.

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            Thanks for that. We're in a small town & the local BB&B is about 1.75 hours away...


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              In addition to OXO... Swissmar, Kuhn Rikon, Messermeister, Rösle, Tovolo, Zyliss, Pampered Chef, Cuisipro, Trudeau, Cuisinart, Tupperware, etc, etc, etc. Just search Amazon.com for "julienne peeler" and you'll get dozens of options.

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          Thank you soupkitten!

          The salad we have in mind is a refreshing hotter-weather thing so there was no rush in getting one. We were finally were in the part of town with the best Asian store & Voila! They have the Kiwi grater & now we have one too, & for a few dollars less than on Amazon, amazingly enough.


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            glad you could find it & hope it works out for you! :)

        3. You can do a similar cut with a Benriner mandoline

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            Thanks for the mandoline suggestion. We're not going to be shredding pounds of carrots a week so that Kiwi hand grater looks to be just right.

            We'd been looking for a tool to do this for many months, & then within 24 hours of posting the question 2 Hounds have the answer. Amazing.


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              Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking of myself. I've had one for about 15 years now (same one, still wickedly sharp!) It is so simple, easy to use and clean and small. As easy and quick to use as a peeler, so it's the go to tool of salad and prep for me.

              My mother's neighbor cans alot so we gave her one as a gift, she thinks it a miracle.

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                Found this review, gives a good idea of how small, quick and easy it is to use.


              2. A much cheaper (but a bit thicker) option is a julienne peeler. Zyliss makes a good one that runs around $10, where as a decent spiral slicer is $100+ and a Benriner mandoline is in the $35-40 range