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Dec 4, 2010 12:29 PM

parrot cove - Madison heights, MI re: specifically prime rib

I've always been intrigued by this place. Its located in the middle of mostly industrial buildings. The restuarant itself appears to be made of aluminum siding, but there's a quaint fountain in front and a sign that advertises awesome prime rib. Call me sucked in.

My partner in crime and I have frequented the place twice now, due to the fact they ran out of prime rib the first time! We had the ribs and fajita instead with a side of salad and french onion soup (included). All of the above were very meh. Nothing exciting or out of the box. All very edible, but very average. Oh wait, I take that back. The sweet potato fries were excellent!

The second time, we showed up nice and early and I ordered the "big" cut of Prime rib. 18oz and served with the bone in! I enjoyed the piece of meat thoroughly. Very tender and soft with excellent flavor. It wasn't overbearingly salty or spiced. Just enough fat to make it tasty, but not huge chunks of it that after I removed didn't leave much meat left to eat. I didn't see any bread pudding, and I'm not a huge horseradish fan, so I didn't ask for the sauce. Exceptional value too, as I think it was per oz the cheapest of the edible prime ribs I've have around here.

Ambiance was fun. AWesome wait staff both times. Very friendly attentive and fun. I dig the Key West interior. Imagine Bahama Breeze without the manufactured artificial feel.

All in all, I'd go again in a heartbeat. Keeping in mind, I've never had homemade prime rib to compare to, but these was a pretty delicious piece of meat and I devoured mine.

Detroit prime rib rankings:
1) J. Alexanders. (more salt/spice, softer meat, more $)
2) Parrot Cove
3) Redcoats
4) clawsons Steakhouse.

Anyplace else I should try?!


Parrot Cove
33475 Dequindre Rd, Troy, MI 48083

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  1. Have you tried Monroe Street Steakhouse (Greektown) yet?

    Monroe Street Cafe
    561 Monroe St, Detroit, MI 48226

    1. Wow, I've driven by this place countless times, and never once did it occur to me that they might have good food... much less, good prime rib! Interesting -- will keep it on my radar.

      1. Okay donbui, against my better judgement (having seen this place from the outside), I shall give it a try. On which evenings do the serve the Prime Rib---everyday, until sold out?

        1. Well donbui82, I gotta give you credit. I finally tried Parrot Cove, and I’m glad for it. They serve “prime” rib Thu-Sat. On Thursdays (i.e., tonight) they offer an 8oz Special slice with two sides and edible garlic toast for $12.95. This is a good deal, and I could have sworn my slice was much bigger than 8oz. I’d say 12 oz…maybe my waiter didn’t know the menu?

          Unlike your giant piece, mine did not come with the rib bone. It was very tender, albeit lean, and was cooked evenly throughout. Obviously, it was done in a very low temp environment. I would have preferred a darker, richer exterior, but given that the interior was deep pink THROUGHOUT, and had no thick tan or grey band in the first 1cm of the perimeter, I was very happy.

          The cook is from a defunct Mountain Jacks, and he makes the prime rib according to their methods. It may have been me, but the au jus seemed curious, as if a drop of vanilla extract was in it or something. No worries. I ate every bite of beef and thankfully for my health* no more was placed in front of me. Next time I go back, and there WILL be a next time, I’ll order rare instead of medium rare, because I think their scale is tilted towards more doneness.
          *if the Supreme Court legislates Obamacare out of existence (likely), I may one day have to buy health insurance on the open market, so I want low cholesterol numbers such that I don’t get scr*wed out of a plan I can actually get and pay for. :-)

          The salad greens were shockingly fresh. Great choice for a side, unless you love dressings (I think their dressings are pretty run of the mill, by the gallon). My other side was a baked potato, so what can I say other than it was a baked potato. I added a Bass Ale for just $3. Yes—a very satisfying meal for $20 out the door. For that kind of deal, I’ll gladly suffer through “Macarena” on the sound system and Red Wings pre-game chatter on the TVs. Too, the employees really are nice; bless their hearts. Caution: As donbui82 once experienced, Parrot Cove does run out of prime rib on busy nights.

          Parrot Cove
          33475 Dequindre Rd, Troy, MI 48083

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          1. re: VTB

            Lunch at Parrot Cove today for a prime rib lunch. I was going for a prime rib sandwich but @$12.95 for the soup/meat/starch for 8oz (really ~12 as VTB says) it was hard to pass up. I have put the French Onion soup in that thread but I enjoyed it.

            The meat (rare) was missing a salty zing that even the au jus didn't help. It was very good but not great and to have it served all day (as in lunch too) Thu/Fri/Sat it's a good find. As mentioned the chef's Mountain Jack pedigree is presented proudly and the sweet potato fries are pretty darn good too.

            Value/taste/atmosphere I think it's worth a go. Only seats about 30(cozy) but has a very comfortable demeanor. I would definitely go back after my lipitor kicks in.

            Parrot Cove
            33475 Dequindre Rd, Troy, MI 48083

            1. re: goatgolfer

              Hell I used to work at a Livonia Charlies...that turned into a Mountain Jacks...does that make me a food genius?

              1. re: JanPrimus

                As Jack Webb used to say: Nothing but the facts m'am. ;-) The MJ pedigree was not an endorsement just an ambiance (pushy server) comment.

          2. The best place I've diver had prime rib and I don't care if people laugh, was Mountain Jack's. They've pretty much all have went out of business, which is sad, because they became enamored by the whole "steakhouse" fad and rather abruptly went out of business afterward. I used to work their in HS and could've ( should've) stolen a whole treasure trove of their recipes. They had outstanding soups made from scratch everyday. I know they were a chain and I'm largely anti most chain establishments, but I give people credit where credit is due. Last I heard there were still a few independently owned restaurants, one of them being in Madison Heights, but I don't know if they're still in business. To me, what makes a prime rib GREAT, is 1/3 the quality of the meat, 1/3 preparation and spices and lastly, cooking it right- that is NOT overcooking it. They had all those things down to a science. My quest for the search of their rub ingredient list continues...

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            1. re: chefisanoverusedterm

              Just as an FYI, the Mt. Jack's in Madison Heights (may have been just over the border into Rochester) has been gone for a long time. If I remember correctly, it burned down. They did have some decent prime rib, although it depended on the location. There was one in Utica that I took my mom to for either her birthday or Mom's Day, and had the most inedible piece of meat I'd ever been served (yes, worse than Ponderosa). It took them 45 minutes to redo and was still awful.

              1. re: Mouseman_

                It was open and running as of no more than a few years ago. The location you're referring to in "Utica" was actually in Clinton Township. I worked there so that pretty much explains everything to me.

                1. re: chefisanoverusedterm

                  I guess as I get older, 3 or 4 years seems like a "long time." I can't remember what was in that space, at Rochester and Stephenson, last time I drove by.

                  So you killed my prime rib? That definitely explains it.I can't keep track of where Utica ends and Clinton Twp starts. That whole Lakeside area is a mess and I avoid it at all costs.

                  1. re: Mouseman_

                    > I can't remember what was in that space, at Rochester and Stephenson, last time I drove by.

                    St. Andrews Society