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Dec 4, 2010 12:14 PM

Chocolate Shooter Cups-YYC

Hey Guys,

I went to Montreal on business trip and I just discovered the great pairing of chocolate and Port. I had Port served to me in a chocolate shooter cups that of course I can eat after I drank the Port. But do anyone know where I can buy chocolate shooter cups in Calgary?

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I have bought them at Callebaut in the past but haven't looked for a couple of years. Are the stores still open?

    One Christmas we put Grand Marnier in them and sunk them in coffee.

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    1. re: sharonanne

      yes, the Callebaut stores are open.

    2. Qzina makes them, they have a location in Edmonton. You could email them to see who carries them retail in Calgary

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      1. re: hsk

        Qzina also ships to Calgary--I remember the shipping was either free or very reasonable. I ordered some Valrhona from them a couple years ago. Great to deal with.

      2. Callebaut definite does have them. Sunterra at WestMarket Square carried them last year around Christmastime but I haven't been there yet to confirm for this year.