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Dec 4, 2010 12:03 PM

Cuisinart PowerPrep Plus - Christmas came early!

Christmas came early! DH gave me a Cuisinart PowerPrep Plus 14 cup food processor early since we will not be home for the holidays and have lots of things to prep before then. I am officially in seventh heaven. Tomorrow DH is making a vat of his famous spaghetti sauce (done in my old 24 qt canner tub) to take to our kids for xmas presents (they always ask for it). So tonight, I am going to use it and play sous chef and dice up the peppers and onions. This is truly a treasure, as I have never owned one before (and I have been cooking for many years - still don't have a stand mixer either). So, my question to you CH's is - what do you use your FP for? I'm really excited to try things that I have not done before, and now can do with ease. Please give me your ideas.

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  1. At the risk of raining on your parade, I use a knife or mandoline to prep onions and peppers for sauce, chili, etc. I have a smaller Cuisinart, quite old, that I use a lot but it's best if you want very finely chopped, or pureed. FPs just don't create uniform size well. After one too many failed attempts to evenly chop nuts coarsely, I do that by hand, too. FP is great for making dough, purees, pesto,

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      We're not really picky on needing uniform sizes - doesn't need to be uniform for the sauce since it cooks down a lot anyway (this is an all-day process for DH). But since there is so much to chop, I just thought this would be a better option. For the size of what DH is making, there will be 3 to 4 lg. onions and 12+ peppers! I know in the past that is a lot of dicing!

      Update: I used the slicer option to run through the onions and peppers. Then turned them all out on a large cutting board and gave them a rough chop. Turned out perfectly for the amount of veggies we needed in about 1/4 the time! Whoo Hoo! I'm on a roll!

    2. You will be able to grate hard cheese in SECONDS! I use mine for homemade butter (from fresh milk), flavored butters, whipped butters, creative flavored mayo's, all kinds of dips, hummus, etc.
      greygarious is correct about veggies though, but it is terrific for carrots (which are more difficult to chop & shred) where uniformity doesn't matter. I also mince onions in bulk and freeze for later where it won't matter...way less "stinky" that way. Have fun!

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        Butter! Back in the day, the X and I lived on a farm and had milk cows. Used to put the cream in a jar and have the kids roll it back and forth as a game to make the butter! Who would of thought we could be using these now!

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          Yeah!!! The FP makes it really easy. I usually do up a few batches and freeze them in small logs or disks. I like to add herbs to store bought butter also, the FP makes it soooo mess free. A pat of Chile -lime butter on a steak or fish is such a nice touch to a quick supper.
          Duxelles are also FP friendly and always in my freezer. Just think of the possibilities boyzoma......... :)

      2. Congratulations! I absolutely love my ancient FP. use it to chop mushrooms, garlic & onions (especially if i need a LOT of onions), purees, pesto... i don't bake and unfortunately somehow lost the paddle AND the shredding blades in a move.... i've used it for grating down parm cheese, cut into chunks - it doesn't come out as finely as a box grater but i like it in my pesto. cabbage and brussel sprouts for soup... and yes, you can do all of this by hand, but if you're doing volume it really is a time saver. i'm just not that much of a purist, having no formal training.

        1. Well, Merry Christmas to you! I use my FP for making peanut butter, pesto, hummus -- less so for prep because I tend to cook for one or two and the knife is easier to clean. However it's a great tool to shred cabbage for coleslaw.

          1. Congratulations and Merry Christmas! You'll enjoy it.

            I most often use a knife for prep work too. I do have a smallish older food processor but since I usually just cook for one or two its just fine.

            As another mentioned it's great for pesto- super quick and easy. I'm surprised nobody mentioned my favorite use- pasta dough. If those 2 items were all I did with the food processor, it would be worth it.