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Dec 4, 2010 11:55 AM

What to serve with latkes for a vegetarian?

Plan to make latkes tomorrow, and one guest is a vegetarian. What vegetarian, main dish can I make, that would go well with the latkes? Absolutely want to accommodate the vegetarian, but also don't want to make a bunch of different dishes (call me lazy), so a "one- dish- for -all" is what I''m looking for
What vegetarian main dish would go with latkes, other than some kind of omelette, frittata?

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  1. Follow your heart to a vegetarian Chanukah feast:

    Vegetable cutlets are a healthy Hanukkah dish:

    1. are you planning to use a non-meat protein like tofu?
      or maybe something with beans?
      ooh, what about vegetarian chili - i love vegetarian chili!! with kidney beans, white beans, & chick peas - then tomato, peppers, garlic & onion, cumin, etc.
      chili is very hearty & a total "one-dish-for-all" dish

      1. as long as you're frying anyway, cube extra firm tofu (about 3/4"), pat dry , roll in cornstarch and whatever dried spices you like and toss 'em in - Tofu Tots!

        1. Thank you all for the great suggestions.
          Antilope, thanks for the links. Those recipes from the Jewish Journal look yummy.
          Deborahrye, I LOVE the idea of vegetarian chilui, and may actually go with that.
          Hill Food, thanks for the tofu "recipe". Although some of us would be fine with it, there are definitely some who would go nowhere near it!!!
          Thank you all, again.

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            I only tossed it in there as I'm not very fond of tofu, but even I like this prep, gets all crunchy on the outside, but as I think about it the color and texture would be akin to the latkes and maybe make the plate tedious (and latkes need no accompaniment in my book)

          2. Well, I'm not even remotely Jewish, but I love these things, and unless I'm having them as my breakfast potatoes with eggs I like'em with what I've been told is the traditional accompaniment: applesauce! As veggie as it gets, and to my mind they really need nothing else. I might want something else for the full meal, but if I were doing that I'd serve the latkes and applesauce as a course on its own.

            Otherwise, something like a nice lentil stew would be good, with just some onion and celery and maybe some greens - there's a lovely dish my half-Armenian ex-wife made with chard and lentils, finished at the table with a squeeze of fresh lemon. I think tofu would be much too stodgy for this, too much like the potato, whereas lentils always have something meaty about them.