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Nov 5, 2005 11:47 PM

scones in OC?

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I am looking for great scones in the orange county area. I recently came back from AZ and they had a bakery called Wildflower with pretty good cranberry scones. I would appreciate anyones expertise in locating these. Thank you

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  1. I wents to Plums Cafe on 17th St. in Costa Mesa for breakfast last week. While I didn't try the scones in the bakery display, they sure did look good.

    Maybe some of the hounds can comment on them.

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      Plums definitely has the best scones in OC. tender, flakey, moist and flavorful.

    2. have you tried zinc cafe yet?

      Link: http://www.zinccafe.com/

      1. Blackmarket Bakery in the Saturday Irvine Farmer's market. Last two weeks I've had their pumpkin cranberry scones. Very yummy.

        1. Pain du Monde.
          There are a few locations in newport and Costa Mesa. Always great baked goods, and I have always been a fan of their tri-berry scone: note too sweet or cakey.

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            I meant "not too sweet or cakey"

          2. Pacific Whey Cafe makes a delicious scone. It's certainly huge (enough for 3 people), but also moist and not too sweet. Exactly how a scone should be. Locations in Newport Coast, Newport Beach, & Ladera Ranch.