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Dried mushroom conversion?

casey30 Dec 4, 2010 10:19 AM


I have a soup recipe that calls for 6 cups of fresh mushrooms. I'd like to use some dried ones that I already have on hand. Does anyone know how much dried to use. There must be a conversion, but I'm obviously not looking in the right place for it.


  1. onceadaylily Dec 4, 2010 10:32 AM

    Kitchen dictionary has it that 3 oz dried mushrooms, re-hydrated = 1 lb fresh mushrooms. And just in case you're using the word 'conversion' in your search criteria, you might try 'substitution' instead, or even just 'using dried mushrooms'. Enjoy the soup!

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    1. re: onceadaylily
      casey30 Dec 4, 2010 10:50 AM

      Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. And substitution it is. Sometimes, it's just one word off and you get nothing! lol

    2. ipsedixit Dec 4, 2010 11:00 AM

      Does it really matter? We're talking mushrooms after all, right?

      Unless it's a strong assertively flavored mushroom like Irwins, Shitakes or Parasols, the more the better and won't appreciably change the complexity of your soup.

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