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Leonidas chocolates at Costco!!!!!!!!!

I just returned from the Costco in Pointe St-Charles and, while wandering in the holiday chocolate aisle, I had a WTF moment. There in front of me was a full height shelf filled with 1.12 kg. boxes of assorted dark, milk and white Leonides chocolates at $16.99 (or approx. $15/kg.) I've never bought these premium bonbons, but friends told me that at a company store (like the one on Parc near Laurier), a 1 kg. box would probably run in the $60 - $70 range. How Costco has them at their price is unbelieveable. I checked the expiry date which was May 21, 2011. There are dozens and dozens of these boxes on the shelf and most people were just walking by. I ended up getting a box to share at work.
An amazing value.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know.

    1. I saw the same Leonidas boxes at Costco Pointe-Claire last week. I went yesterday and they were all gone. D'oh!

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        They still had plenty yesterday at Marche Central. Now you guys have me wonder if I should have bought a box after all!!! ;)

      2. Does anyone know if the Costco on Bridge st. in St-Henri carries this brand of choclates?

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        1. re: yeggy

          yup, a few crates there currently

        2. Leonidas is an overpriced branch of Godiva... Trust me i've worked in the industry. People in this industry will just boost up their prices, replace any expensive cream based filling by nuts (which have longer shelf life) and it will still sell, just because inflated prices dictate its quality.

          Go for the Galerie du Chocolat brand if you can find it, they usually have it at Costco. Better (for a large grocer) and made locally in VSL.

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            I work 2 minutes from the Galerie du Chocolate and have bought their product on many occasions for business related activities. However, to my taste, compared to the Leonides I bought at Costco, they come up far short. Also, in terms of price, a 1 lb. box of Galerie du Chocolat at Costco (albeit beautifully gift wrapped) is $14.99 while the 2-1/2 lb. box of Leonides (nicely boxed but no gift wrap) is $16.99, so there is no contest pricewise.
            I do agree with you about these overpriced, so-called luxury chocolates - on the Leonidas website, a 2-1/2 lb. box was $90, so the Costco price is unbelieveable.

            1. re: davyboy

              Leonidas are good tasting but you know... they have to fund those boutique at prime location, That Gare Centrale shop's rent must cost a fortune! Same think that happens with Godiva. The Costco price is what i would say is the NORMAL price, what it should be for such a large chain. Not what i call a deal.

              Anyways, i prefer encouraging the little guys. Most of them i know and they make much better quality chocolate at barely any profit. Three cheers for the little guy!

            2. re: SourberryLily

              AFAIK there's no direct link between Leonidas and Godiva. Godiva is a subsidiary of Turkish Ülker group and Leonidas is an independently owned Belgian company.

              I suspect you're right about the Costco boxes containing only the cheaper fillings with longer shelf lives. It seems the only way they could sell them at that price.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                I have only had 3 or 4 (or maybe 8) chocolates since I bought them, and it may be luck of the draw, but none of them had nuts. Mainly, mousse like or nougat type filling or solid chocolate, but no creme fillings so far.

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                  Davyboy, I love you but my waist curses you!
                  Your post encouraged me to go to COSTCO to check out the Leonidas chocolates.

                  I bought a few boxes and I can say that they are the same product sold in the stores.
                  The exterior cover wrapping is different but once you remove that, it’s the same ballotin. There is no fancy ribbon or bag, but the contents are 100% fine Leonidas chocolates.
                  I have purchased these in Brussels and at the duty-free, I don't know they can be priced so low at Costco, they are a steal!

                  In order to provide as justified opinion I sacrificed myself by enjoying a few rows.

                  The ballotins contain milk, dark and white chocolate, filled with butter creams, Ganaches crisps and caramel. They are excellent!

                  Leonidas & Neuhaus are my favorite type of chocolate in this style; Godiva is a mass commercial product that I don’t enjoy.

                  1. re: InterFoodie

                    Bought 12 (twelve!!) boxes at the Pte Claire Cosco yesterday and today - not so many left at lunchtime today. They taste great and have made a big dent in finishing my christmas shopping! Definitely a bargain at that price. Hope there's some left for everyone else!


                    1. re: pyropaul99

                      nope, all gone according to my neighbor I begged earlier to do there, since I don't have a membership. DANG!

                      1. re: TheSnowpea

                        FYI, I bought a box from Costco Pointe Claire on Friday late afternoon. There weren't many left, but at least a couple or three dozen. If you're facing the chocolate row at the back of the store (the aisle that faces the butcher) it is the second or third item on the right.

                        Good luck!

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                          Bought a bunch at Bridge the other day. They still had tons. Boy are they good!

            3. heads up that the same chocolates are available at costco online.

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              1. re: sinjawns

                Costco Online does not have the same deal;
                1 kg = $79.99

                The in-store deal is:
                1.12 kg = $16.99

                1. re: JedZ

                  I wonder what the expiration date is? Maybe that explains the super low price. Kind of like the deals one can get at the Lindt outlet store on Brunswick - there the best deals are on the "about to expire" products. Have had some great $1 bars that cost $3.99 normally.


                  1. re: JedZ

                    That's a pretty staggering difference... from the same wholesaler. Pricing error?

                    1. re: sinjawns

                      Don't know about the distributor, but the price doesn't appear to be an error. Friends in Toronto told me that they bought these chocolates at Costco for the same $16.99 a couple of weeks ago.

                2. This is a Leonidas promotion to introduce their chocolate to North America.It is a limited offer so go get them before they sell out.

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                  1. re: finefoodie55

                    I'm confused, what do you mean? I know that the Leonidas boutiques have been around for at least 9 years.

                    Did you mean that the rest of north america doesn't have leonidas and that Costco all over North America are selling their products now?

                    1. re: SourberryLily

                      No, they are looking for a broader distribution base outside of the stores.This is a one time Costco event.

                  2. I've been going through a box of these for last 10 days or so. SourberryLily was right on the money about the fillings. They are almost all nut-based. No cream, butter, marzipan or booze in sight. IIRC there were two caramel chocolates in the entire box, which is about 90% praliné and 10% caraques.

                    Considering the price these things are selling for, it's not a bad deal. I would have preferred more variety, but bargain hunters can't be choosers. I hadn't had Leonidas in a long time and I was generally pleased with them. They are decent quality, but the sameness of fillings gets boring real fast. Most of the pralinés are very, very sweet. I'm not that keen on praliné and don't really like cloyingly sweet chocolates either, so it didn't help any. I'll give them a thumbs up for value and quality, but can't say I'll be longing for these anytime soon.

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                    1. re: SnackHappy

                      I've been corrected. There were 2x3 caramel chocolates. Half were milk and half were dark chocolate.

                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        Each Leonidas box at Costco going for $16,99, approx. how many chocolates did you get?

                        1. re: BLM

                          I didn't count them, but I reckon there must have been about 80 chocolates in there. The box contains 1.12kg of chocolates. So at a bit more than $15/kg it's a steal for this type of product.

                          1. re: BLM

                            Well, it's not a bad deal. Leonidas make good chocolates, i just think they are overrated.

                            Side note: cream or infusion based truffles last 3 weeks (some less). Other types such as caramel filled molds will last 3 months. This is all without preservatives of course.

                            With a shelf life that short and the high cost of the products (not to mention your chocolateers) it's no wonder chocolate is so expensive.