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Dec 4, 2010 05:56 AM

Vegas Report: Todd English's P.U.B.

Summary: DO NOT MISS. Surprisingly excellent food—and nearly each dish packs a surprise. AND it’s relatively inexpensive for the strip. We went here twice. The first time we had everything that was our “A” list. The second time we went to our “B” list and found that nearly everything was still amazing. This is what Lagasse Stadium should be – but the food here is amazing, whereas the food at Lagasse is a universal disappointment.

Don’t miss:
*Bread pudding with toffee, caramel, delicious ice cream and Captain Crunch cereal
*Roast beef sliders with cheese, red onion, thousand island dressing - super delicious, totally better than the sum of the parts
*Turkey carvery - very good turkey, flavorful - a triumph of turkey. I mean, we only ordered Turkey because we were there on Thanksgiving day. But we'd seriously order it again.
*They have 6 sides from which to choose with all their carvery dishes. The horseradish sour cream was good, but the blue cheese fondue was just amazing. It seriously made me want to worship at the knee of the god of blue cheese. They also have a black truffle mayo, and they’re very generous with the truffle.
*Dirty Chips – potato chips with blue cheese dressing, scallion, bacon bits, fried chicken livers. These are really good. We wished we had more than just 2 people eating them…the order is huge. I think these would be better if they warmed up the chips. It’s a great idea in need of better execution. While these were good, they’d be better if they had more bacon bits anda better distribution of the sauce and scallions.
*Lobster slider - perfect. Great garlicky brown butter aioli. Lovely roll.

*Mac + cheese – note this was noticeably better on our 2nd visit (but obviously good enough the first time to reorder on the 2nd visit.)
*Seven delightful sins – these are 7 quarter-sized ice chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, with 7 different flavors of ice cream. Lots of fun. Even though these are small, they came sliced in half so we could share.

*Respectable skinny fries
*Respectable pastrami sliders
*Fresh-popped popcorn (their version of a bread basket) – yummy, nice spices
*Grichebactom (grilled cheese bacon tomato) – with brie. Interesting. Very good, but not the best thing on the menu.

Skip it
*Todd English ketchup is kind of god-awful
*Chopped salad . It does have a nice mix of Mediterranean flavors, but still not “worthy.”
*Artisanal pretzels with cheese – pretzels need help

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  1. Great review! We stopped in for lunch and loved the place. Unfortunately, I wasn't terribly hungry so we didn't order a lot of food, but the menu was loaded with interesting things.

    Of course now I want to go there just to see how awful that ketchup is. Ha.

    1. Glad you enjoyed your visit. It is a must do for us whenever we are in Vegas.

      1. We just ate there last weekend and loved it. We had the corn dog appetizer (nostalgia for the corn dogs at the county fair got to me. They were fine.) B'friend had the fish & chips, which he said was "outstanding". I had the BLT sliders, they were a little light on the bacon and mayo for me. Also, I LOVED the ketchup, we actually bought a bottle to bring home! I kept eating the skinny fries just so I could eat the ketchup. So maybe it's a personal taste kind of thing? It's definitely not traditional ketchup, it seems to be more sweet/garlicky/chunky. We didn't get to try the popcorn - our server said she was bringing it, but didn't. But we had so much food, it really didn't matter. And I was wishing we had time to go back for those Dirty Chips. Overall, a good choice if you want a casual, reasonably priced meal on the Strip.

        1. I live in Las Vegas, but don't get down to the Strip very often. I just don't like the hassle. But there are times when I do have to go there for business, and have wanted to try some of these high end celebrity chef restaurants. The few that I've tried have been disappointing. So having an honest review like this is a big help! Thank you.