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Dec 4, 2010 05:50 AM

Vegas Report: Sage

Summary: run, don’t walk. One of our favorite meals this year. The first night, they had a limited menu that did not include the sweetbreads. So we went back a second night so we could try them.

Must have:
*Lounge food: Kusho oyster with Tabasco sorbet & tequila mignonette – delicious!
*Foie gras brulee – belongs in the Food Hall of Fame! Had this both times we went. After the first time, I was thinking perhaps I was imagining how good it was. Nope. It was THAT good the second time, too Truly a knockout dish. I think there are cocoa nibs on top. It also comes with incredibly delicious brioche bites with sea salt. My husband and I split this dish both times, and at half, I definitely had had enough. (It’s rich.) However, my husband said he would like to see how many of those he’d have to have before he had had enough.
*Yellowfin crudo - absolutely delicious. It had layers of flavor – first, loads of truffle, then a lot of “sea”, great with the pine nut. Also, I’m not a complete fan of mushrooms – I tend to approach them with caution, but there were mushrooms in this dish that were just delicious.

*Lounge food: oxtail crostini – tough decision whether to put this on the must have list. It’s excellent. Finished with some nice balsamic glaze.
*Risotto with lobster mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, sunchokes, butternut squash. Delicious. (I got it twice and want to try to figure out how to make it at home.) It also has tiny dehydrated grapes in it, which are a surprising element. I asked what else was in it—mascarpone, cream, parmesan.

*Sweetbreads – these ARE really good, but I have to say that my first thought upon tasting them was “Kentucky Fried Sweetbread.” It’s no wonder everyone loves these—they’ve got the Colonel’s seasonings. :) They come with some spinach & mushroom. Very nice.
*Dessert amuse from the chef – chocolate caramel soup shooter – outstanding
*Amuse bouche day 1: burrata white bean puree, fennel cracker, artichoke. Delicious and fresh tasting.
*Desert Shrub cocktail - tequila, grapefruit & prosecco
*European Union cocktail – raspberry lamic, chocolate stout, brandy. Good blend of flavors and unique enough to give it a try.
*Dark & stormy – for those who think ginger beer sounds good.
*Sourdough roll in the bread basket is very good

Just ok, not standouts
*Crab and corn fritters – very good, but believe it or not, I think Cheesecake Factory’s corn fritters taste better. (Sorry Shawn McClain.)
*Farm egg – standard
*Amuse bouche day 2 – butter bean crepe with cranberry sauce

Skip it
*Bacon bread in the bread basket - tasted a little dry or stale

Room for improvements:
I SO have a pet peeve about wine being served at the wrong temperature. I ordered a glass of white Burgundy that clearly came out of a regular refrigerator (way too cold). At $27 per glass, get the temperature right, people. Also, instead of bringing out that overchilled bottle so I could taste it before they poured, the waiter just brought out a carafe. Bush league all around. C’mon, c’mon!

Others have mentioned that regardless of whether you show for your reservation on time, the hostess seems to park you at the bar first. That happened to us on one night, too. Not the biggest annoyance, but if you show up for your rezzie on time, and they clearly have a table open for you, this just seems like a ploy to up your bill (who’s NOT going to get a drink while they wait?)

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  1. Great review, I take it you ate in the normal dining area but just ordered some items from the lounge menu? Did they take any issue with this?

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    1. re: namor

      When we sat down, I said to the waiter, "We heard you have some great items on the lounge menu. Would it be ok if we ordered some of those here at the table?" And that solved that. :-)

    2. Thanks for the review. We wanted to go right before Thanksgiving, but they called and said the menu was going to be limited that night and we changed our reservation. We did pop in later for the Absinthe service and that was a blast, even though I found out I don't care for Absinthe. Sage's decor, the service and the overall ambiance was incredible. Now I'd like to try the actual food.

      1. Thanks for the heads up. Sage really intrigues me. I tried some bites from them at Vegas Uncork'd back in May, but I'm determined to go inside soon for the full dinner experience.

        1. Sage is our favorite in Vegas, and we always have one dinner every time we are in town! Here are some photos.

          Sage (Aria)
          3730 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109