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Dec 3, 2010 10:38 PM

new place near Dusty's in Silverlake?

Sometime during the massive amounts of food reading that I've done during the last few weeks, I read something about a new place opening up near Dusty's. Can't remember if it was Eater LA, Tasting Table, etc. I get a lot of those emails, apparently. Does anyone know what this place could be?

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  1. You might mean Food+Lab right next door.

    It is quite good and I have eaten there several times. In contrast I detest Dusty's so it is a 180 from Dusty's.

    I'm usually in there for the lovely breakfast served on weekends [it is a bit more extensive than the weekday menu]. Salads and sandwiches are tasty and creative. Casual and comfortable ambiance.

    The only thing i might fault is that I have yet to be thrilled about the coffee.