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Tortier in Vancouver

Anyone in the Vancouver area know of a bakery who sells outstanding Tortierre. Spelling is probably wrong but U know what I mean. The French Canadian meat pie consisting of ground pork.

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  1. I've not had a really good one here but then again I haven't really sought one out. Did you read last year's thread on the tourtiere search? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/669373

    1. Frenchie's Diner on Dunsmuir has tourtiere.

      Tourtieres (or something similar) can be found at butcher shops that prepare cooked foods.

      As for restos owned/run by Quebecois:

      There used to be a casual bistro/cafe called Zizanie on 7th/Fir, run by two young-ish ladies from Quebec. I think they're gone now.

      Stormin' Norman Spirit Grill (now closed) on Commercial Drive

      La Belle Patate (open) on DavieI think they should seize the opportunity and make their own, alongside their poutine et frites.

      Zako's Deli on Broadway/Cambie, next to Starbuck's. Owner hails from Montreal.

      I seem to recall Seb's Market & Cafe is owned/run by a French Canadian. But they don't serve dinners now, only breakfasts, weekend brunch and catering.

      The new owners of Tomato Fresh Cafe on Bayswater are French Canadians. It's not on their menu, but I'm curious if they offer it off-menu or during special occasions.

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        Another to add to the list is Salade de Fruits in the French Cultural Centre (7th & Granville). I'm not sure if they serve it there, but I saw a sign implying you could preorder them.

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          Not on menus, but if requested, I'm sure they can whip up something :-)


      2. Chef Claire's on Main St used to make a tasty tourtiere but I have not been back there recently. It was fairly pricey as I recall.

        1. I'm making a tourtiere this weekend and will use pork and ground buffalo. There are lots of recipes on the net and they look easy enough to make at home. I'll cheat a bit and use a Pillsbury crust from the dairy case. I'll let you know how it comes out and post the recipe later. Regards, Johnny in Puyallup

          1. i like the frozen ones from gourmet warehouse. they are $5.99 for a 5". solid robust crust and balanced season meat filler. Not greasy.
            though prob not as good as a fresh home made pie.

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              I have two in my freezer thanks to your suggestion btb. Will report back once ingested.

            2. hi email me for info on tourtieres i sell them to local meat stores myrna

              1. If you have ever had a decent tourtiere you will skip Salade's. My mother bought one of them for our Christmas eve dinner and it was a disappointment to all six of us (including four Quebecers) to the point where only two of us managed to finish what we were served and even then more as a culinary experiment to analyze what they had done wrong. It had more of a heavy, smooth pate consistency with a few bits of potato thrown in and an over bearing taste somewhere between liverwurst and canned corned beef. Over-processed and ingredients in completely the wrong amounts (nice crust though). Great restaurant otherwise and I would highly recommend it for anything but the tourtiere.

                1. FWIW, I happened to see "bite-sized" toutieres at the deli at Choices Market (Cambie store) last week.