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Dec 3, 2010 09:45 PM

New Red Lion?

I came across a brief mention in a blog I neglected to bookmark that there is a new place
opening near the Brown line, maybe Kedzie? It says Red Lion Pub, but a comment left on the
blog said there is no relation to the old Red Lion.

Has anyone heard anything about this? The blog posting was a bit confusing, as it linked to
the old Red Lion website.


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  1. Some storefronts on Rockwell (2600 west) have a sign saying Red Lion Lincoln Square is opening in December (we hope). This is the former Cafe Blu space just south of Lawrence Avenue and is about a block north of the Rockwell Brown Line stop. They are using 4749 North Rockwell as the address.

    Metromix has a somewhat premature listing:

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    1. re: Eldon Kreider

      Thanks for the metromix link. I wonder if there is any connection to the original Red Lion.
      Maybe the ghosts pushed for the relocation due to rising housing costs? lol

      In the meantime, I have also found these links.

      And this one which initially says it is the same owner, then in the comments says it isn't.

      I guess we will have to wait for more information.

    2. Co-owner Joe Heinen of the Red Lion Pub in Lincoln Park is opening a separate restaurant called The Red Lion Lincoln Square on Rockwell Avenue. There are still intentions to redevelop the Lincoln Park site.

      1. Red Lion in Lincoln Square had a very soft opening the week before Christmas and has had somewhat spotty hours since then. They are open noon to 5 this weekend, January 1 and 2, closed on Monday and will have relatively short evening hours starting on Tuesday. The menu is quite short for the time being with the most expensive items between ten and eleven dollars. A larger menu awaits more cooler capacity. They are waiting for communications connections that could not go in while the roof was covered with snow. Consequently, there is no telephone or connection for credit cards. A liquor license is several months away as city reviews are not to the stage where they can post the public notice of license application.

        Friday afternoon my wife and I had an enjoyable lunch there. I had the fish and chips, she had the shepherd's pie and of course we did some cross tasting.

        The fish and chips uses two healthy chunks of cod with crisp breading. The chips are cut pretty thickly and unevenly so crispness varied, which is the price you pay for hand cutting. They come with a small cup of cole slaw with a fairly acid dressing, not the creamy sweet gook some people prefer. There are some fine bits of green bell pepper and carrot along with the cabbage. I ate very little of the tartar sauce as I prefer the malt vinegar with fish and chips. The tartar sauce has nice crisp bits of pickle and would be my choice if they ever put fried lake perch on the menu.

        The shepherd's pie uses ground beef, onions and peas in a rich gravy. It comes in a crock with a cap of mashed potatoes browned in the oven or broiler. A small salad using mostly mesclun comes on the side. This is a great winter dish.

        The arm chairs for the tables are very comfortable. The wood benches along the walls have a decent back angle, which I found comfortable. The room is quite pleasant.

        Red Lion in Lincoln Square
        4749 North Rockwell Street
        Chicago, IL 60625

        Cash only and no telephone for now
        BYOB pending liquor license

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        1. re: Eldon Kreider

          Thanks for the great review! I am eager to get over there and try it out.