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Dec 3, 2010 09:37 PM

The Grand Fromage cheese shop, Skippack

Desperately missing Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge MA (one of the, if not the, best cheese shops in the US) since moving to PA, I was excited to catch a glimpse of The Grand Fromage in Skippack out of the corner of my eye while driving to work the other day. Stopped in tonight and found a wonderful little cheese shop run by a friendly and knowledgeable owner (and his beautiful daughter?).

Apparently, they have been open about 1 year in what used to be a run-down garage, but has now been remodeled into a gorgeous little shop overlooking the creek. They carry 80-90 domestic and imported cheeses, with an interesting selection that includes the big names, as well as harder to find Irish, Basque, Portuguese etc cheeses. Also a selection of breads from Bakers on Broad, some limited Charcuterie (this is an area I think they could strengthen) and a modest but interesting selection of condiments, coffees, etc. You are encouraged to try before you buy.

I had two old favorites: Cashel Blue (Ireland) and Shropshire Blue (UK).

I would encourage everyone to check out this wonderful addition to Skippack and support one of our local small businesses.

The Grand Fromage
3910 Skippack Pike (center of Skippack across the street from the Back Porch Cafe, on corner of Collegeville Rd, with plenty of parking)
Skippack, PA 19464
610-584-5400 (also on Facebook, which the owner says he is better at keeping up to date)

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  1. Exactly right IMHO: a great local cheese shop stop. For cheese heads, other than Packer fans, this is a trip well worth the drive time to the lovely little village of Skippack. The owner and his quite attractive ahhh , let us say, employee offer friendly advice and tasty trials of your choice.

    On my list of "best cheese shops"; I would place Murray's of Bleecker Street, NYC, NY as a certain front runner. The amazing selection of the best cheeses in the world almost makes the embarrassment of the smelly train trip home worth it. If you are sure to display the name on the bag most fellow passengers will understand from where the odor is coming.

    Yes, do visit The Grand Fromage; it is a small local shop we want around for a long while!

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    1. re: Bacchus101

      A restaurant owner had told me about this, and seeing this post, I decided to go check it out today. Wonderful little place. A handful of fine pates, too.

    2. Wonder if they carry La Tur, a Robiola cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy? Divine cheese. I used to be able to buy it at Kimberton Whole Foods....then it disappeared and they said they were having trouble with their!

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      1. re: gardens4me

        I'm looking at their list that I picked up, and unfortunately, no La Tur. However, they do carry Ribiola Bosina, another bloomy rind cheese made by the same producer as La Tur (Caseificio dell'Alta Langa). I'm sure he could get some La Tur for you. I've never had it, but it sounds fantastic (blend of cow, goat and sheep milks).

        Interestingly, the owner mentioned that he's having trouble getting all the French cheeses he orders. He'll place an order for 10 different cheeses and get 2. Apparently the strikes in France are affecting cheese exports.

        1. re: gardens4me

          Well 'gardens' now you have another reason to visit Gotham. Murray's on Bleecker does carry La Tur and by their description it is understandable why you would seek it out.

          As noted by Francis the small selection of pates at La Fromage is quite nice. Thanks to Tir for a detailed post which has call attention to this local gem.

          1. re: Bacchus101

            Not negating the wonderful supply at Murrays, or Dean and Deluca, or Bedford in Bklyn, but Las Tur is readily available at Downtown cheese, DiBruno's, and probably Chestnut Hill cheese shop as well. Bosina is close and on the right day of ripeness even more gooey. Major difference is the rind, La Tur is virtually rindless as a St Marcellin while the other robiola styles have a rind similar to other bloom rind products.

          2. re: gardens4me

            Was at Talula's Table (Kennett Square) yesterday and they have La Tur in the cheese case for $28.

            1. re: gardens4me

              I saw La Tur at Garces Trading Co. yesterday.

            2. Thanks Tir! Don't know how I missed this on my last trip to Skippack, but will make a point of stopping by next time.

              1. I concur with Tir's review - this is a wonderful, local shop which I encourage everyone to visit. I have only been in a couple of times, but each time was a great experience. The owner is extremely knowledgeable, without being pretentious. He loves giving out samples and encourages customers to try cheeses before they buy. I went in one night and said, "I'm having martinis and cheese for dinner - hook me up!" . . and he did. :-) With the cheese part at least.

                1. This is a wonderful shop. I discovered it earlier this year. They carried a product line called "vervacious" - accompaniments to the cheeses. Outstanding! Totally recommend a visit.