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Dec 3, 2010 09:08 PM

Looking for someone to cook several dinners over the Christmas holidays south of Todos Santos in Baja

My family is renting a house about 15 min. south of Todos Santos and we are looking for someone to come to the house and cook dinner several nights while we are there. If you have any leads, I would appreciate your help. You can email me directly at Thanks, Rebecca

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  1. There are a few caterers around town but it is a bit pricey. Don't know of anyone who would actually come to your house and prepare food. Are you here over the holidays? This is a very social community with lots going on and the caterers are pretty busy - are you staying in Pescadero?

    1. I pulled this information off the website when I was looking at recipes. You can probably find his contact information on their website as well.

      Clark Waters is a Chef for hire, serving up culinary delights from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz. Experienced in providing catering services on both land and sea, Clark can assist you with your event planning for parties from two to hundreds of guests.