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Dec 3, 2010 08:53 PM

Great meal by Pierre Calmels (Bibou) at Blackfish in Conshohocken

As promised in the Blackfish thread, here are a few photos from Monday’s special event at Blackfish with guest chef Pierre Calmels of Bibou byob (both Pierre and Blackfish’s Chip Roman were in the kitchen). As expected, a wonderful dinner in the French bistro style with Alsatian influences that Pierre is known for. Despite the Monday (normally they are closed), it was a completely packed house (noise was at an energetic level, but not uncomfortably so).

Rutabaga soup with grape chutney
~The fruity, tart chutney in the center completely made this dish

Scottish wild hare terrine with Cumberland sauce, greens and balsamic
~Curious, but it is generally thought of as English sauce, or is it also served in Alsace?

Sautéed wild striped bass, chanterelles, spinach fricassee and red wine sauce
~Dish of the evening in my opinion

Stuffed pig feet with foie gras, braised lentils du puy
~DK’s dish of the evening, although it was too rich for me (I have a low tolerance for very rich meat; fortunately one of our Cote Roties was fairly acidic and went well with this). This is the dish that Robert Parker recently described at Bibou as putting him in “Rabelaisian Nirvana”!

Warm apple Tatin with honey ice hcream
~A beautiful mini-tarte Tatin, with (poached?) apples and subtly flavored ice cream

WINES (byob):
1997 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc (went really well with the bass)
1997 Jean-Michael Gerin Cote-Rotie Les Grandes Places
1997 M. Chapoutier Cote-Rotie La Mordoree (wonderfully smokey, like a single malt!)
1996 Chateau Raymond-Lafon Sauternes (375mL)
1997 Chateau Cru D’arche Pugneau Sauternes (375mL)

$75 +tax/tip

According the Maitre d’ Michael, they are discussing inviting Chip to Bibou. The only problem is that Bibou’s kitchen is much smaller than Blackfish, so it will be hard to squeeze in both chefs (and their sous-chefs?) into the kitchen.

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  1. We attended the same dinner and agree with most of what Tir-na-nOg has to say. Since my spouse no longer drinks, I brought my own half bottle of wine -- too bad we could not bring a selection. I really enjoyed the rutabaga soup even without the grape chutney and will try to make it myself! Never ever thought of making rutabaga soup. The only downside was that we had a reservation at Bibou a couple of days later and so had to order a dessert other than the tarte tatin (I had the goats milk creme brulee and my husband had the chocolate plate).

    1. I love this idea...since I live in Chester County, a drive to Conshy is not out of the question, but a drive into town gives me a headache, just to think about it.