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Dec 3, 2010 07:45 PM

Where to Find Baking Ingredients?

Hi All,
I'm ramping up for my annual holiday cookie baking. Just wondering if you might know of area stores that sell dutch-process unsweeetened cocoa powder and black licorice? Thank you!

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  1. You can get nice fat bags of Dutched cocoa powder at Penzey's on Mass. Ave. in Arlington.

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      black licorice like what? the sticks, the whips? powder? might wanna try polcari's if it's the last one.

      the dutch-process cocoa can be found in shaw's, and trader joe's.

    2. My go-to for these is Marty's Liquors, in Newton. Great selection of high-end goods at very fair prices, including Valrhona cocoa and Besndorp at by far the lowest prices around.

      Marty's Liquors
      675 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458

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        Just a heads-up on Marty's for food: I went in there on Friday, looking for some fancy hot chocolate to send as part of a Christmas present. I was surprised to see that they've reduced the size of their gourmet food area and, though I a couple of the sales people searched on my behalf, they didn't have ANY fancy hot chocolate for sale in the store (they did have bulk-style packages of cocoa powder, I think Dutch process, for the OP). Marty's has always been my go-to for fancy packaged foods, so this lack of selection/breadth was a big surprise and let-down. It might be worth a phone call before other 'hounds head there for specific food items, even ones you'd swear they'd have.

      2. the Whole Foods on River St sells Valrhona cocoa powder in clear plastic tubs, I'm pretty sure it's dutched. I haven't checked the other branches but they might as well.

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          Great rec- WF does sell the Valrhona powder, and it's pretty inexpensive (I've seen it Dedham, Wellesley, and both Newton locations). It is dutched.

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            I have seen it at the Fresh Pond store too. However, my favorite cocoa, natural or dutched, is the cocoa from Penzey's. It is an excellent product and priced very nicely. Penzey's also has other items that are great for baking and hard to find elsewhere, such as double-strength vanilla. I also like their extracts. Plus, their whole nutmegs from Grenada are to die for.

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              Agree with PinchOfSalt about the cocoa and nutmegs at Penzey's. The Vietnamese cinnamon is amazing,too.

        2. The best deal on dutched cocoa is found at Costco.