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Where Can I Find Pink Pearl Apples (or something close)?

Until last week, an apple was an apple in my world. Then I tasted a Pink Pearl Apple (which I bought in Medford, Oregon while I was visiting friends). It was succulent, just sweet enough, crisp--it was perfect to eat and its rose colored flesh was visually entertaining. I want more. Can I find them anywhere in the Bay Area or order them online?

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  1. I bought Pink Pearl apples at the Berkeley Bowl at least a month ago. I haven't seen them recently, so they might be out of season now. They certainly have several sizes and prices for the Pink Lady apple, which is quite different.

    I thought the Pink Pearls were overpriced; I have had good luck with other varieties -- though for some reason I find myself buying only organic or pesticide-free. HoneyCrisp, Fuji, and Liberty have been my favorites recently.

    Berkeley Bowl
    2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

    1. Pink Pearls are in season in August. they are one of the earliest apples. If you had it recently it must have been in cold storage.

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        I wonder if Oregon's season is a bit different. I don't think PP would do too well in cold storage. They get mealy quickly.
        They are an early apple variety though. I usually use them in September, after the Gravensteins. This year I went looking for them in October at our Farmers Markets and I was too late.
        Next year try Monterey Market in Berkeley.
        Devoto Farm grows them, they are at the Marin farmers market.

      2. This time of year, nowhere. The places I've found the most unusual varieties of apples are the Berkeley Saturday farmers market, Monterey Market, and Berkeley Bowl. If you make it to the farmers market, try a Braeburn from Billy Bob, or the dry-farmed Rome apples from ... I can't remember the name, but that's the only apple they sell.

        1. Today (Sunday December 5) they still had a box of them at Monterey Market. Organic, from California, $1.98 a pound. They looked a little spotty so they might be past their prime. They're on the floor of the indoor apple aisle, on the right, below the grapes.

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            These wonderful apples are in season now, but will only be around for a few weeks. They're tart-crisp and juicy but their most magnificent feature is their vivid pink color, which dresses up all sorts of recipes. I buy them at the downtown Palo Alto farmers market from a Sonoma apple grower, but I believe he sells them elsewhere, as well as at his farm: Hale's Apple Farm, Gravenstein Hwy (116) bet. Mill Station Road and Occidental. 707-823-4613. Dave Hale grows all kinds of great apples including many heirloom varieties.

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              The PP in our yard in Berkeley has been producing since June, but production went down lately, then this weekend I am seeing new blossoms. Our fall has not been warming up just yet.

          2. I bought some at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmer's Market yesterday (I forget the vendor's name).
            $2 per pound.
            They are not great.
            I've had better versions in past years from Berkeley Bowl, though I didn't see them there on Sunday.

            Berkeley Bowl
            2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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              Never bought PP from BFM but have from BB in the past and they're usually very good. They carry organic PP for not that much...I think they use to be $1.39/lb.

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                Hmmm...gonna' have to give these a try as well. I mistook the apple name at first for something I had back coming from Michigan last weekend, but those were Paula Reds (they were pretty good as well.)

                Interestingly enough, I brought some Gravensteins from this area over there (from the Berkeley Bowl) and they were pretty well raved about by those lucky few who got to sample them.

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                  The gravensteins I'd had this year were especially good, at least for eating with peanut butter.

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                It's a little late for Pink Pearls, they might be coming from storage and be the worse for wear. Though since so many things were late this year some vendors may still have good ones.

              3. Probably a lead for next year at this point, but Hale's Apple Barn in Sebastopol had them on one of my Grav runs in mid-August.

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                1. re: Pius Avocado III

                  I'm waiting for the finest apples ever to appear on this earth --- Arkansas Blacks. They're always very late in the season and I didn't see them yesterday at BB. Last year they had them at the end of the first aisle, across from the eggplants. Can't wait!

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                    Apple season is just getting started. Late varieties will be a while.

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                      I'm pretty sure that Hale's Apple Farm has Arkansas Blacks -- or has had them in the past. As mentioned previously in this thread, this farmer is at a couple of markets and sells at his ranch in Sebastopol. The pink pearls he sells are NOT from cold storage and he'll have them for a couple more weeks, he says. I've been eating tons of them lately and they taste just fine.

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                      Just a reminder that the best vendor for rare apple varieties is Hillview farm in Watsonville. He's at the Jack London Square FM, and Danville and one in the South Bay (Cupertino?) He has Pink Pearls when they're in season.


                      Jack London Square
                      70 Washington St # 207, Oakland, CA

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        Hillview had pink pearls today, and said he would still have them next week. He had over 20 different varieties of apples today.

                    3. I bought some from McEnvoy Ranch at the ferry building 2 weeks ago.

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                        Are the Pink Pearls still around? I didn't see them at BB last week. I had some Pink Pearl Scream Sorbet today which reminded me that I hadn't had any of these beauties this year! Let me know if there have been recent spottings in the East Bay groceries or farmer's markets.

                        Scream Sorbet
                        5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

                        1. re: oniontears

                          I suspect the season is over in the Bay Area but some pink pearls from the Pacific Northwest could show up in some select places. Dave Hale from Hale's Apple Farm in Sonoma County sold the last of this year's crop over a week ago and they had been refrigerated for a week or so at that point. He might be the "biggest" (using the word loosely, since the total supply of these is miniscule) grower in the Bay Area and sells at farmers markets and to some high-end restaurants.

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                            The Apple Farm had some at Ferry Plaza on Saturday.

                            1. re: wally

                              the produce market on Geary Blvd. at 4th Avenue has Pink Pearl apples now.

                            2. re: oniontears

                              I saw some at the Bowl on Monday. Normally I'd think they were long out of season and coming from storage, but things are so late this year, who knows?

                              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                Star Grocery on Claremont Ave. in Berkeley has had them the last couple months.

                                They usually have a fantastic apple selection from many NorCal organic growers.