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Dec 3, 2010 06:45 PM

Coffee near UMass Boston

I am frequently at UMass Boston and need some good coffee badly for a long drive! After leaving UMass, I get on I-93 north then I-90 west. Used to stop at the Bon Pain at the Doubletree, but now it has been turned into a generic cafe with horrible coffee. Can anyone give me leads on where find some good coffee that is not too far from the I-93 entrance, say a mile or so? Or a place along the route that is easy-on easy off? Latte would be great, but even a good solid cup of coffee will be fine!

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  1. Savin Scoop on Savin Hill Ave. serves a nice cup of brewed coffee, I have not tried anything from their espresso machine which appears to be an automated one. Also Ba Le on Dorchester Ave serves a great Vietnamese iced coffee as well, as does the Vietnamese convenience store directly across the street from it.

    Ba Le Cafe
    1449 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA

    1. What's wrong with the Peet's at the Campus Center? It's decent enough... And then there's always Starbuck's in McCormack... (not my thing...)

      312 Veazie St, Providence, RI 02904

      1. There is a dunkins as you head to the broadway t station. From there you continue in the same direction, and you will see signs for the pike

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          there's a starbucks in the target at South Bay, right off 93 (Andrews Square) and a dunkin donuts right in andrew square.