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Dec 3, 2010 05:25 PM

Is Soon Tofu gluten free?

My wife is recently on a gluten-free diet, so we have to re-examine all our favorite foods. What does anyone know about Soon Tofu? Other than soy sauce, any wheat, barley or rye in anything? Anything inherently cooked or marinated in soy sauce? Specifically, BCD Tofu House. I was going to call them, but thought I'd consult the boards before trying to get a reliable discussion over the phone.

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  1. ask if they make their stock from scratch, as many commercial stocks, broths, and bouillon cubes contain gluten. fish sauce, too. not all recipes call for either of these ingredients, though.

    1. Soon Tofu will be a "land mine" for someone avoiding gluten,
      their soy sauce, which is used like salt, will be in 99% of what you are served.
      My gluten-free amigo carries cards written in different languages to give to chefs/cooks
      which address the gluten-free diet, and usually ends up w/ a bowl of rice and very plain
      steamed veg!

      1. It is gluten-free? No.

        It might, at best, be "gluten-friendly" ... depending on how close you are with your friends.

        But as someone said upthread, it is a landmine for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

        1. Ugh, that is what I was afraid of. Guess we have to wait for someone to open a GF Soon Tofu house.

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            is there soy sauce in the kimchee heavy variety of Soon Dubu? really? some of hte panchan - but i don't think i'ts in all of the panchan. I imagine the sauce btw for bibim bahp has some soy sauce but you can call and ask beverly or the others and see. There's a plain mild soondubu variety as well.
            i woudl think that different places also have different approaches.