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Dec 3, 2010 04:41 PM

REALLY special restaurants in Mtl

I'm looking for surprising dining experience concepts in Mtl. I know about O.Noir, but I hear the food sucks. I'm lookin for a very unique and amazing place (by that I don't necessarily mean looking for authentic Quebec cuisine or a 5-star establishment - but we're foodies, right?). Just somewhere bring people who've "seen it all"!

Can't wait to read your suggestions!

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  1. where are your friends from? and what do they like or treat you to? I am assuming cost is not an option

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      I'm open to all suggestions, costly or not!

    2. AFAIK.

      There are no real "really special" restaurants in Montreal (in the same league as O'Noir); or concept restaurants where the food is not as bad as the concept itself.

      since you're not looking for traditional quebec cuisine, a lot of options are closed to you.


      I could suggest trying "La Banquise" for Poutine, but you HAVE to go at around 3am (2h30am to 4ham, at the end of the bar opening hours) to see a side of montreal that is different than what we're used to see (don't worry it's safe and fun! since it's a bit out of where the "action" happens)


      1. I don't know how unique you think this is but Kitchen Gallerie has somewhat of a unique concept as there are no waiters and the chefs serve you directly. And the food is good!

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          I had read all about Kitchen Gallerie and it's the next one on my list!

          Sorry but a joint like La Banquise where you satisfy your drunken munchies is not what I'm looking for. Although it did work for me a while ago. ;)

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            Jerome Ferrer of Europea will become Grand Chef Relais & Chateaux which makes his restaurant rather unique for Montreal as the others in are Toque in Montreal, l Eau a la Bouche (Sainte-Adele) and l Initiale in Quebec City.

            1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

            1. re: wilmagrace

              I love Europea! It was the finest dining experience I've had so far (along with Club Chasse et Pêche).

              .. but I'm looking for originality in the very concept of a restaurant.

              1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

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                Well, La Fabrique might suit your needs here. The place takes the open kitchen concept to a whole new level. The kitchen IS the restaurant, with tables set up around it, like a mix between a short-order lunch counter and a high end bistro.
                And the food's damn good too.

                Otherwise, although I haven't been there, what about Accords? That idea of accord/désaccord with the wine pairing has always striked me as interesting enough. I'll have to get there one of these days.
                Anyone have experience?

                1. re: thebenc

                  So that no one gets confused, the Fabrique mentioned here has been mislinked by CH. Thebenc is, of course, referring to the one just north of Sherbrooke on St. Denis, not the one East of Quebec City.

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                    The mis-link has been removed. Feel free to use the "Report" link below any post wherever you see a bad auto-link so we're sure to see it and correct it - thanks.

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                  Eating this order, when I went to Montreal for the first time last fall one of my favorite dining experiences was at DNA. I wasn't crazy about the atmosphere though . . .But if you love Europea (I didn't) it might not work for you. . .

                  This is the long thread (Montreal hounds were most gracious and helpful) and a list of where we ate:


                  PS My apologies. It looks like I forgot to post my detailed trip report.

          2. I don't know if this is really what you're looking for, but Maison Indian Curry (996 Jean Talon) is the best Indian I've had in the city. The place is small and looks a little run down. "Hole in the wall" is an apt description. It's cheap. And the food is fantastic. Definitely a change of pace if you're used to upscale dining. I think it fits the bill for "unique and amazing", but that's just me.

            1. What about Apollo (6389, st-Laurent) ?

              There is no fixed menu, but only "themes" that you can choose from, and what is good is that it's a BYOB.

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              1. re: Maximilien

                I meant to try Apollo for quite some time now. I'll give it a try this winter!

                1. re: Eating this order

                  robin des bois is a great idea any time of the year as the proceeds go to charity, I have given their coins in drawstring bag as gift certificate at christmas as so in tune with the season for helping others. And if the service gets a bit amateurish all is forgiven as they are for most parts volunteers donating their time for a good cause. How unique is that and the food is good too! It appears they still dont have english on website....

                  and looks like you can throw your plate for a price