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Dec 3, 2010 03:35 PM

Present in Falls Church

Hi All,

I'm going to Present tomorrow with one of my friends. I'm open to recommendations on what menu items I should chose from (although in all honesty my friend is Vietnamese and is likely the one that will be doing most of the ordering...that's the whole idea).

I was wondering if the restaurant takes credit cards or just cash?


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  1. By far I think their best item is the watercress and minced pork soup. I'm sure they take credit cards.

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    1. re: Steve

      That soup is very good.

      I also like: Autumn Roll, Jewel-Green Papaya, Rich Folks Golden Crepes, Cow on the Open Field, Shrimp in the Fresh Ocean, Fried whole fish.

    2. Had such a great dinner last night so am bumping this up. I love Vietnamese food and right now Present is besting Minh's as the all-around best experience. Service was excellent. we had the spring rolls, calamari (perfect!), grilled shrimp with vermicelli and the tamarind duck. The flavors were fresh and bright. Such a gem.

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        I Second the Calamari, which if I remember you may have to ask for as it is not on the menu. We always get, and I forget exactly, but something about a "path" - It is vermicelli with crabmeat - It is one of the few dished that we have found with very subtle, but delicious, flavors.