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Dec 3, 2010 02:43 PM

Christmas Eve / Christmas Day Dining 2010

I need to know what is going to be open in Dallas for eve dinner and for Christmas Day for dining options. Prefer $$$$-$$$$$ options. Thanks!

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    1. Pyramid Room - Fairmont Hotel - Brunch and Dinner
      Charlie Palmer at the Joule - Christmas Eve, Christmas Brunch and Christmas Dinner
      Bolla - Stoneleigh - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

      Ft Worth:
      Bistro Louis is serving a Christmas Eve menu. I was there for the Thanksgiving buffet and it was quite good for the price. My biggest complaint was the duck, while tasty, was overcooked and on the tough side, which is probably a casualty of trying to make it a buffet item. Anyway, they're doing a special CE menu.

      Bolla Restaurant
      2927 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201

      1. bump..

        Also, I know from my research today that Nana Restaurant, Fearing's, Cadot, and The Mansion are also putting on a Christmas Eve dinner.

        Personally, I was wondering who has attended or can recommend one of these?

        Happy Holidays everyone.

        Cadot Restaurant
        18111 Preston Rd # 120, Dallas, TX 75252

        1. Canary by Gorji is also doing both Christmas eve and day meals.

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            Oooh Canary WOULD be nice.
            Although, last time I was there, I didn't have a reservation and was shooed out by Gorgi himself.
            What about Feast of Seven Fishes somewhere?

            1. re: HalfBaked

              Christmas eve at Urban Crust in Plano. I was planning on giving them a call tomorrow to see what they are actually serving. I really like the idea of going, but MS Picky is not exactly enamored by the idea.

              Urban Crust
              1006 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074

          2. Pegasus did a big list. i mean, probably every other site did a list too, i just happen to know the one at pegasus heh