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Dec 3, 2010 01:09 PM

San Sebastian, La Rioja, Barcelona & Paris!

Hi All,

Looking for some great recommendations in all of these areas:
Will be in San Sebastian 2 nights, La Rioja 3 nights, Barcelona 4 nights, Paris 3 nights.
We like: great food, great wine, sangria and atmosphere. One of my favorite experiences was a Spanish Restaurant in Amsterdam that was cozy and friendly with a man playing guitar and singing flamenco music.
In Spain definitely looking for tapas and maybe in Barcelona a nice place to have Christmas Dinner? I think we are going to stay in Las Ramblas.
Paris- we would like to experience one really amazing restaurant, aside from that we love French Bistros! I think we will stay in the Latin Quarter- unless there are arguments for otherwise.
In Spain we will be driving from San Sebastian to La Rioja and down to Barcelona. Would love any advice on cheese, olive oil etc factories that we can stop and visit along the drive.
We will spending one day in Champagne- any special places to visit? Also, would love to do a tour, doesn't have to be private, but very much don't want commercial.

Thank you for all the help!!

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  1. Barcelona - I really enjoyed Gelonch for fine dining. App. 130 euro for the tasting menu of 9 courses plus a bottle of wine for 2. The whole meal you could not fault... small serves, yes, but with 9 courses we were full afterward. I would personally avoid tapas along La Ramblas. Outrageous prices and the was not as good as other area (eg~ Ribera


    Paris - dined in the Latin quarter on 3 occasions. Set tourist menus EVERYWHERE. Good value however the food very standard . However, Petit Chalet, (overlooking the Notre Dame) is beautiful... no English menu but amazing French food.
    For fine dining we enjoyed "Drouant" by Antoine Westerman. App $130 for 3 courses and wine for 2 people. Surprisingly large serves

    1. Hi Sara,
      you should first search the specific boards for both Spain/Portugal & France where your questions have been discussed many times already...
      Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your trip!