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Dec 3, 2010 12:11 PM

Roti for the Kingsway

On the south side of Bloor two block east of Islington, a wonderful woman named Mitzi took over a failed jerk chicken joint and has been producing tremendous trinidadian-style roti's for about six months now. She also does jerk, which I would characterize as convenient and passable, but the roti sings.
I've eaten hundreds across the GTA - and Mitzi ranks very close to Roti Roti on Albion, or Pam's, or Island Foods. Wrappers are delicate, flavours are bold and fillings are ample. Central Etobicoke - where exotic food begins and ends with sushi - can be shy about this type of cooking. But this is take-out at its best, and the Kingsway should rejoice. Mitzie`s Jerk 3337 Bloor Street West

Kingsway Restaurant
510 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, ON P0J1K0, CA

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. There is a lack of good food in this area, so I look forward to trying Mitzie's out. Is there any room to eat-in?

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    1. re: ms. cornbread

      That's great news!
      The previous Jerk place was crap.

      What exactly are the Roti's you would recommend?

      1. re: ms. cornbread

        If you haven't tried Mitzie's yet, there are about 5-6 stools. The food is the best in T.O. hands down!

      2. I can vouch for this place was in there yesterday and grabbed a great goat roti and also some jerk chicken/rice & peas. The curry had a nice rich flavour and the roti itself was deee-lish.
        Super nice gal who owns the place, definately gonna support it the west end is pretty hurting when it comes to good west indian food.

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              Mitzie's recently celebrated their 1yr anniversary. They're here to stay! I've recommended this place to several people and on the radio. People are hooked!

          1. We went to Mitzie's Jerk last week after reading the reviews on on this link - We ordered curry chicken roti, jerk chicken dinner and oxtail dinner. The food was great - the roti was moist and tender and very flavourful. The Jerk chicken was amazing - nice and spicy (but not too spicy, medium heat) and the oxtail was soooo yummy. Both dinners were served with rice/beans and coleslaw which was very well done. The spice levels are all mild-medium level so if you want heat add their homemade scotch bonnet hotsauce!!

            And the service was outstanding, both the woman taking my order and Mitzi herself were as pleasant as could be!!