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Dec 3, 2010 11:36 AM

Best Deep Dish Pizza Edmonton?

I was hoping to get peoples opinions, I've been craving deep dish for a while. I used to go to royal pizza but the last year or so I noticed a decline in their quality. There's always Chicago deep dish but apparently for delivery it's hit or miss. Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. are you talking about chicago-style deep dish, or alberta-style deep dish? two entirely different things. might be able to help if you could clarify that.

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    1. re: nonlinear

      either. i doubt there's any place in edmonton that has real chicago deep dish. if you don't know of any i'd settle for alberta style.

      1. re: talwin

        would you consider learning to make your own? it takes a bit of reading, but it's actually pretty easy once you know what you're aiming for, and how to do it. i would suggest checking out the Chicago section on the forums. deep dish actually has a very thin, buttery, almost pie-like crust, with the cheese on the bottom, toppings in the middle, and tomato sauce on top. delicious!

        I only say this since "deep dish" pizza in alberta isn't actually deep dish pizza - it's just 2" of thick BREAD covered with inferior toppings and "processed cheese food." most (i.e. every one i've seen here) are run by people just looking to make a quick buck, and who don't give a dang about serving quality product.

        i'm not trying to rain on your parade, just trying to help you get your hands on a good pie. :P

        seriously, give it a try! i suggest beginning with the Malnati's dough clone recipe you can find on get some nice sausage, cheese, and a can of 6-in-1 tomatoes, and it will be the best pie you can get west of minnesota.

    2. If Victoria Pizza is still around, west end off 156 Street I believe, it's delish! My favorite when we would visit the west end of the city. Been a few years though so i am not sure if it's still there.

      1. Oh, just remembered one more, Dallas Pizza on 106 Avenue and 79 Street - very busy, might have to be prepared for a wait, all homemade - the sauce and everything, family owned and great pizza!

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          Greek bar pie - looks good from pics i've seen on google. talwin, is that what you're looking for?

        2. Most of the so-called Prairie, Regina, Saskatchewan or Greek pizza is actually what I would consider medium-thick crust, akin to Pizza Hut but better quality cheese and toppings and less grease. Some of the better examples in Edmonton are found at Parkallen Pizza on 109st. south of Whyte Ave and Rose Bowl Pizza downtown. Then there is my favourite, the formerly-defunct Pharos Pizza, which is to be resurrected in the middle of December upstairs at the Raven Social Club in the west end.

          BTW, this is a legitimate style of pizza. In fact there is evidence that the Greeks, not Italians, may have invented pizza in the first place.

          Here is a thread, if you want to try making your own dough and pies at home:

          Parkallen Restaurant
          7018 - 109 Street, Edmonton, AB T6H 3C1, CA

          1. I can confirm that Rosebowl is (at least one of) the best in Edmonton. I like the Classic Chef's Mistake with spicy sauce.