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Dec 3, 2010 11:13 AM

ISO Frozen Artichoke Bottoms

Has anyone seen frozen artichoke bottoms around? I haven't had any luck at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods and I need them for a Middle Eastern recipe. I bought them a few years ago, but can't remember where. I'd rather not trek to the Watertown Armenian stores without a confirmed sighting.

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  1. I have bought frozen artichoke hearts at the Trader Joe's in Newton (Washington Street). Don't know if that is any more convenience to you than Watertown.

    1. There are ME markets in Roslindale, West Roxbury, South End, Norwood, etc. Where are you located?

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        I live in Malden and work in downtown Boston.

      2. i can only think that you hit the wrong WF or TrJ because i have bought them many many times at both places. TrJ has v good quality frozen artich hearts, which is not just the bottoms, but they are perfectly fine for any recipe that just uses bottoms. i would recomm your calling a few locations and/or asking a manager, because they do run out. otherwise, you can buy the bottoms in jars by Progresso- in supermarkets, but i prefer TJs.

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          The Pastene sections of supermarkets have bottoms in cans.

        2. I have seen frozen artichoke bottoms in Arax every time I've looked but I have never bought them because they are always loaded with ice crystals, which makes me think they were handled poorly at some point. Instead, I buy them in glass jars from Sophia's Greek Pantry in Belmont and they are very good. HTH.

          Sophia's Greek Pantry
          267 Belmont Street, Belmont, MA

          1. I have bought canned artichoke bottoms at Russo's in Watertown and am glad to know about the other places in town to buy them.