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Dec 3, 2010 10:20 AM

Food Deal - Lafayette Bistro ($20 for $40) - same owners/location as old La Brehandaise)

On Deal Sharing today they have a deal for Lafayette Bistro. It is run by the same owners in the same location as La Brehandaise which was a Bretton crepe place. I tried it once while it was a crepe place and I enjoyed it overall although it seemed a little pricey. Now they have a new wider menu (and from what I read in another chow thread they still do crepes).

$20 for $40 of food, voucher valid for 1 year

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  1. Apparently, Lafayette Bistro has nothing to do with La Brehandaise. Lafayette's Website indicates Nadia Moalic and Jean-Pierre Boué as their present owners ( ), whereas La Brehandaise owner and chef was Pascal Poilbout. (
    )Both owners and both cuisines are French, both names begin with "La", but that's all.

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      Ah, I had read somewhere that it was the same owners... that explains why it doesn't look like there are crepes on the menu anymore. For the record, this was an old deal... I will be in the area next week so I will probably try it out... Now that there are some reviews on up Yelp, including some that look like shills... it has got me to be VERY hesitant.... I guess possible lesson learned on that one...

      1. re: ylsf

        we bought this deal and went last week.
        we had the french onion soup - pretty good. what i'd expect for a french onion soup. another roasted tomato/garlic sort of a bruschetta thing that was really tasty.
        our mains: beef bourbuignon on pasta - not that great. a bit bland. extra sauce on the pasta helped.
        duck leg: average
        bottle of grenache at $35 was good enough.
        overall, not a terrible place, but not something i'd go out of my way for. we live in the neighbourhood so it wasn't much trouble.
        the service was really friendly and we liked the charm of the place, cozy and quaint. the prices are not expensive, so I wouldn't feel cheated for the quality of food we received - especially with the voucher.

    2. Lafayette Bistro going for the group deal again, this time $29 for $60:

      All the reviews quoted on the deal page are from Yelp, however upon clicking the link, several of the positive reviews are mysteriously absent from the Yelp page.

      Worth the chance?