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Dec 3, 2010 09:21 AM

Help in New Kensington

I hope someone could help me out for this area. I am going to be spending a good bit of my time in that area for the next year. I have found a couple places to just "satisfy" basic eating needs, but need something to look forward too. Open to any suggestions

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  1. While I don't really know of much in New Ken, you are not very far from Oakmont where there a a couple of good restaurants. Hoffstot's and the Chelsea Grill are right on the main street and are very good. My favorite is the Mighty Oak Barrel which is small and intimate, with very good food and a nice wine selection.

    Mighty Oak Barrel
    939 3rd St, Oakmont, PA 15139

    1. Agreed with Burghfeeder, heading over the hill to Oakmont has a wider range of options.

      Also in Oakmont is Casey's. They have a great steak salad and their Rose's Chicken Cacciatore is very good IMHO.

      I've had ribs from Sticky Mickey's in Arnold a time or two, and I think they're pretty good, if a tad pricey.