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Dec 3, 2010 08:22 AM

ISO Sausage casings/intestines

Recently purchased the sausage stuffer attachment for my KA stand mixer because we are planning to make our own saussages for Christmas. If they turn out tasty, might even give some out as party favors this year!

Anyone know where to purchase natural casings? My first guess would be the butchers at JTM or Atwater, but if anyone has dabbled in the art of sausage-making, or knows of a specific vendor who regularly stocks intestines, your input would be great!


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  1. They may have them at JTM or Atwater, I dunno. I get mine at Frutta Si on Schevchenko in Lasalle, always in stock. They have regular (pork) as well as smaller lamb. If its not on the shelf, ask at the butcher, they'll wrap some.

    1. Basically any butcher that makes saussages should have the casing. A few years ago when I made saussages, I bought casings from my butcher .

      Or, you could go the natural route and buy actual intestines from Adonis. They even clean them for you. I am not sure it is possible to load intestines in your saussage attachment, so it should be a lot easier to do this with casings.

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        I am not sure if the intestines at Adonis would work for saussages (May be wrong). Adonis sells the intestine as is (with the fat/lining). The casings generally used for saussages are the outer collagen layer. Again I am no expert, so I may be wrong.

        The intestines sold at Adonis can be used for a middle eastern dish, "Fawaregh", which were prepared by my grandmother growing up. Intestines stuffed with meat and rice... not exactly everyday food, but can be quite good if prepared right.

        1. re: foodie_mtl

          Wow, you know faweregh! I thought no one else knew about that lovely dish. My grandmother makes it and so does every woman in her family. They are turkish/lebanese. They use bulgar and a tiny bit of rice with the meat. Have you had the lebanese version with onions and chickpeas (no meat)?

          As for the intestines, I tried making saussages in casings, but without the attachment it was extreemly difficult, so, now i either make them without casing (like kebab) or in intestines.

      2. I purchased porcine casings from Boucherie La Preference at Marche de la Ouest in Dollard des Ormeaux about a year ago. I froze the left overs and they thaw for use just fine. Maybe all branches of La Preference carry the product - Google for exact branch addresses.

        1. from my experience most italian butchers have them, shouldnt really be a problem finding them but you're always better off calling them up in advance and asking most places can get you some if given enough notice