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Dec 3, 2010 08:12 AM

Best vindaloo in DC area?

My husband's craving vindaloo, but so far we've been really unimpressed with most of the Indian places we've tried out. Can anyone recommend a place with really good vindaloo -- either in DC or NoVa would be easiest for us to get to.
Thanks so much!

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  1. What places have you tried and found lacking? What are you looking for in a vindaloo that you haven't already found?

    It sounds like you know what you are looking for, probably better than I since I rarely order it. I know it is on the menu at Bombay Club in DC, and it is the kind of dish they probably execute seriously well. If you are looking for a specific flavor profile, then it might help to talk to the server about it . Their description of the dish can be found on the website:

    1. Bombay Curry Company in DelRay has a good version - if you go get the Tandoori wings as an appetizer

      Bombay Club version is also good - more complex flavor but a bit less spicy

      Haven't been impressed with the Indique/Indique Heights version

      Bombay Club
      815 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006

      Bombay Curry Company
      3102 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305