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Dec 3, 2010 06:58 AM

Kim chee where can i find one

does anyone know where I can get great kim chee and brand name sold in chicago ... I cant find one, where i live and nice if its accessible from Ord airport...

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  1. Go to H-Mart in Niles. They have some 'made in the store' and some other brands. If you can't find it there, you probably can't find it anywhere. H-Mart is located at Waukegan Rd. and Oakton St.. Close enough to the airport I think.

    1. I'd say go to Joong Boo Market on KImball, but I don't think that's close to where he's asking about.

      1. There are two large Korean supermarkets in the Niles area. However, getting to either from O'Hare without a car will be a pain.

        The easiest place from ORD is Jung Boo, which is also a large Korean food store and is close to the Belmont (3200 north) and KImball stop on the Blue Line. The Blue Line terminates at O'Hare.

        Another alternative is New Chicago KImchee, a small shop on Lawrence Avenue where they make kim chee. They sell at retail and wholesale to some Korean restaurants. Take the Lawrence bus east from the Jefferson Park station on the Blue Line.

        The CTA web site has transit details:

        Joong Boo
        3333 N Kimball Ave
        Chicago, IL

        New Chicago Kimchee
        3648 W Lawrence Ave
        Chicago, IL 60625

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          thank you, I appreciate your thoughtful insight, i mean transportation...thank you again

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            Im coming from minne, and I want to go to Mitsuwa from Ord and taking a taxi, do you know if these two stores anywhere near Mitsuwa (japanese grocery store)... My goal is to get some Japanese grocery and also get kim chee ...

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              I'll ask. What does one do with kim chee? I think I've had it, but only in flavored dried noodle soup (which I like). I think that kimball/belmont one is close to me

              Mitsuwa is in the exact opposite direction of these recommended stores, but if you're going to the expense of a taxi, the one(s) in niles would be easier to do after/before Mitsuwa.

              I'm going out on a limb, Mitsuwa, while a fun trip to make on occasion, may not be worth the cab fare just to "shop" unless you know a lot about japanese groceries, and are buying a lot of stuff. It's basically a regular grocery store (albeit everything is japanese) and a japanese food court, not some huge, day long excursion place.

              1. re: Lance Corvette

                Kim Chee is a HUGE part of Korean Cuisine. It's served as a part of panchan , which are a few ( sometimes a lot , if you go to Sam Goo Gab San) side dishes served with Korean meals. It's also used in soups ( KIm Chee JIgae),fried rice , and stir frys.

              2. re: hotsumi

                The Korean stores are in Chicago in the opposite direction from O'Hare as Mitsuwa, which is in the northwest suburb of Arlington Heights. Doing a quick analysis of distance from a central point at O'Hare, I got 10.7 miles to Mitsuwa. Mitsuwa to Joong Boo is 17 miles with almost 12 miles back to O'Hare. These distances are almost completely on expressways with a major part on a toll road.

                The Niles stores would be a little closer to Mitsuwa but still a pretty hefty drive with a good part of the the distance on suburban streets. Mileage would be less but time would be greater. Traffic will be heavy before 9 AM and after 3 PM. This trip is impractical unless you are willing to spend a few hours.

                Joong Boo is Korean but does carry some Japanese products. Their web site has versions in English and Korean with very little food showing in the English version.

            2. so instead of me finding kim chee and figuring out what to do with it, how about all y'all recommend me to a good, authentic Korean restaurant in the city? What to order, what's the house specialty, that sort of thing.

              I'd appreciate that.

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                Kim Chee is somewhat of an all purpose Korean condiment, salty and spicy. Like almost any food, if you taste it, your tastebuds and imagination should dictate what you'd care to use it for. Maybe as a condiment to stir fried noodles, maybe on a hot dog, straight out of the container, use your own judgement for what you like. One of the better known Korean Bbq spots is San Soo Gab San on Western. I'm partial to the pork belly, and short ribs. normally, at a Korean restaurant, you will get a wide selection of panchan brought to you. These will be litle bowls of condimenty/ snacky things (kimchee will be one of them) to go with the rest of your meal.

                Joong Boo has a tiny, tiny little no frills cafe of sorts. If it's kinda close to you, give it a try for some spicy soup on these cold days. Go at an off peak time, however. It is TINY!

                You should search for threads if you haven't already.