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Thin Crust Pizza Asheville

Having not tried any Pizza since recently moving to Asheville-
I am seeking thin crust Pizza- Thinner the better.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Marco's. North Asheville near the Fresh Market.

    1. drive down to H'ville and try West First.

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        Cucina 24

        Cucina 24
        24 Wall Street, Asheville, NC 28801

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          Marcos is great, and thin, but not cracker-crisp thin. I love their marinara and always get an extra side for dipping. I second West First or Flat Rock in Hendersonville...the best pizza I've found in the area with a nice cracker-crisp crust. Piazza in east Asheville is also very good and thin.

      2. Definately West First in Hendersonville. 20 miles south of Asheville and definatey worth it!

        1. I second the West First recommendation. It's delicious! IMO, the best pizza in AVL is Asheville Pizza and Brewing. It's not terribly thin crust but it's good and their lunch buffet is reasonably priced.

          1. A 40 minute drive from Weaverville to Hendersonville may be worth the drive

            Besides thin I like a NY Pizza style with toppings that drip on your plate.

            Any words on Franks Roman Pizza in Woodfin?

            1. +1 for West First, although ya, it would be a bit of a drive. I think I have tried all of their pizzas and they are all amazing. Be aware though that these are not your traditional pepperoni or mushroom type toppings if that's what you're looking for. More "gourmet" toppings (for lack of a better word), but OMG good. Just depends on what you're in the mood for. Flat Rock Bakery in Flat Rock (same owners) has the thin crust pizzas too, but that's even farther down the road. And other entrees at West First are great too if you have a non-pizza fan with you (do those exist??!). There is usually a wait on the weekends, but just hang at the bar. Drinks are reasonable (or they were last time I was there).

              1. Marcos and West First and the Flat Rock Bakery are the best for thin crust. mmmmm

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                  I guess Marco's is the ONLY(?) choice in Asheville for thin crust NY style?

                  We ate at Nona Mia l;ast night
                  Great Eggplant and so so Chicken Marsala
                  Food was best Italian I have had in Asheville
                  Pizza looked too Thick and heavy "bready"

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                    Circle in the Square on Merrimon is also NY style. To me, it's too greasy, and I'd pick Marco's over it most days. But sometimes when I want a grease fix CITS hits the spot.

                2. West First, hands down. With a shout out to the late, lamented Patsy's, which was very crispy from the coal-fired oven, though not really thin crust....

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                    Are West First and Flat Rock Bakery pizza's exactly the same? Same owners, right? I've only been to Flat Rock as it's easier for me to get to Hendersonville over lunch (when WF isn't open). Just curious. I also love Flat Rock in the summer with that big open air deck and BYOB!

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                      Yes, they have the same ownership. And, just FYI: West First now has deck seating for the summer months!

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                        I believe WF is open for lunch now. I can check for you if you want. I know I've eaten lunch there but it was several months ago. I didn't know FRB was BYOB - good to know!!

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                          I called West First and they are open for lunch: 11 - 2 M-F and all day on Saturday. I think their lunch menu is a little less extensive than dinner (includes sandwiches and not entrees or as many entrees).

                      2. Didn't see anybody mention Piazza in Fairview. I've had excellent pizza there - thin, but not cracker thin, crust. Only complaint - restaurant is noisy!


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                          And they have a great lunch special. One (quite large) slice of pizza of your choice, salad, and beverage. All for about $5 or $6. It's quick and a good deal.

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                            I mentioned it! :) I really like Piazza. We always eat there when we find ourselves by the mall and are hungry. It's much better than anything in the mall or on Tunnel Road. I love their greek salad too...

                          2. Try Blue Mountain Pizza in Weaverville. It's the best in the area.

                            Blue Mountain Pizza
                            55 N Main St Ste C, Weaverville, NC 28787

                            1. Another recommendation for West First. Went there last week and it was fantastic.

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                                Tried West First's pizza for the first time last week over lunch, and I have to say that while it was good, I prefer the pizza at Flat Rock Bakery - same folks, right? The crust at FRB was superior to me, and I appreciated having so much variety to choose from there (WF seemed a little limited). To me FRB has a real "wow" factor...every bite is so amazing. West First was good, but I wasn't blown away. Is it supposed to be the exact same recipe? Just curious...

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                                  The only difference is the ovens. I like 'em both--can't tell much difference, to be honest. Maybe you were there on a rare off night...

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                                    I think the pizza is marginally better at the bakery, too. It is indeed the same people, and clearly the same ingredients. I suspect it 's the oven. God is in the details.

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                                    I would think the recipes would be the same, but two different people handling yeast dough can turn out a different end product (and the ovens as Jeff said). That's the only thing I would think would cause them to taste different. I have never noticed much of a difference either, but haven't had them side by side or often enough to tell. I do think FRB has some other topping choices.

                                2. Pizzeria Ritrovo in West Asheville is new and has amazing thin crust pizza and great salads. It's owned by the same folks who own Nona Mia. Definitely worth a visit.