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Dec 2, 2010 10:43 PM

Why should I buy the new Glass Bowl for the Kitchenaid mixer?

Martha Stewart is using it, if that's any indication it's a 'must have'.

It does have a pouring spout, but honestly, what can you make in a Kitchenaid that POURS? It's mostly for batters and bread doughs. What is the benefit of glass over the traditional metal bowl?

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  1. Nothing one can't do with the metal bowl; only if you have cash to burn or a Martha Stewart wannabe

    1. All these manufacturers give these television people their new products to use. People see them and have to have them.

      1. Not saying that you have to have it - but it does have measurements on the side which could possibly come in handy as a large scale measuring cup. It looks a smidge bigger to me than my metal bowl but I haven't checked it out. I like that i can see all around the bowl to be sure that things are really mixing in well. i did have the chance to see one in person the other day and as someone that would really like to have a second workbowl and has wanted that for a few years now I think that i might just get it eventually.

        1. I can see two reasons for buying it. (1) If you find that you often need to clean your single bowl between operations--say, mixing dough and beating egg whites or whipped cream. (2) If you often melt or warm something before it's put in the bowl, such as melting butter or warming eggs in the microwave. I do think the pouring spout would be neat for pancakes, but the measurement lines are almost totally useless. Who measures in their mixing bowl?

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            I was thinking about that too. But then... whose microwave is that big?

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              ."...whose microwave is that big?"

              Mine is. :)

              anyway, I have two bowls for my KA, it comes in handy sometimes.

          2. Not a reason to buy one but the original KA mixers had glass bowls, no handles though.

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