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Dec 2, 2010 09:29 PM

Burmese Food Fair and Fundraiser

Sunday, December 5, 10:00-5:00
P.S. 12 (The James B. Colgate School), 42-00 72nd St., Woodside, Queens
(if the address seems familiar, you may have attended another food fair in the same school cafeteria this past summer:
)"We are going to serve 30 different kinds of Burmese food" wrote one organizer, whose band will be performing; "people will cook and donate what they made" to this HIV-AIDS fundraiser, wrote another insider.
Admission: $5 for "all you can eat," though you should expect, and graciously contribute to, further solicitations inside

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  1. thanks, that's good stuff, I might stop by tomorrow.

    1. Dave, same sponsers? Didnt they move it to jackson Heights, we went to a new locale last summer, was great.

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      1. re: MOREKASHA

        Moegyo is the organization you may be thinking of; they held a fundraiser in mid-2008 in Jackson Heights after Cyclone Nargis, another on that site in 2009, and a third this past summer in Woodside, at the location mentioned above:

        They're not involved in this event, to my knowledge, but the descriptions of participation by the Burmese community suggest that the chow may be just as good.

      2. ARRGH why do I not search for "Burmese" on this board more often? Can't believe I missed it. Am idiot.

        Since Burmese Cafe closed we have been longing for lephet & I can't even find the ingredients to make it at home (there used to be a place near DC that did mail order, but the site is down). We did make it to the one at the church in August, I think it was, & were closer to chowhogs than chowhounds -- ate something from each booth if we possibly could & then got another round to take home & were heartbroken when we finished that up the next day.

        Does anyone know where to get the fermented tea leaves?